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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Another Polka Dot Dress

I just love making this dress. Polka dots are such fun but hard to find, so I can only offer this dress when the fabric is available. I purchased a variety of different dots this year. I like the small dots the best. Dress is a mess right now, uneven skirt, too long of a skirt and I still have to add the sleeves. It is great start for the day though!

Friday, July 12, 2013

One completed lace dress

As always the picture does not do the dress justice.
Dress has hidden pockets and built in peek a boo tulle. Ruched detail in waist. Very feminine. Partially closed with zipper and buttons. I used embroidery thread for the button holes.

My new pattern Simplicity 3907

It is so darn cute!

Progress on blue lace dress

I'm almost done but at a point where I won't be posting so my customer can be the first to see the dress complete. Here is the bodice with sleeves. The skirt is attached and the zipper is put in. I only had to do that once if you can believe it! The details of the skirt is so cute. I sure hope she is happy with it. The back will have a peek a boo with a single button closure from the satin up.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Can't leave out Murphy SEW Cute

The picture isn't as cute as Connor but he is! This is Murphy Connor's brother. They were named after the movie "The Boondock Saints".

The machine is not on so there is no danger to the kitties. It is going to be a battle keeping them away.

Sometimes it is hard to sew.

 I recently got two kittens. I don't take good photos but these two turned out really cute. This is Connor and he has decided he wants to hang out by my sewing machine which is a huge NO.
He's thinking is she really going to kick me out of here?

Blue dress continued

After taking this apart 4 times I have the bodice ready to add the sleeves. The back will button up on the top for a peek-a-boo opening. The beige you see is the underling with the boning, it won't be visible when the dress is completed.

More lace projects

I have a few lace projects this summer. Just look at the pile of lace. The blue is what I'm working on now. It will be a new design.
So far I have the sweet heart neckline done. There will be a pleated skirt with a lace detail at the bottom. Elbow length sleeves. I will continue to post as the dress progresses. I can't wait to get my hands on the black and silver lace. Since I mostly create wedding dresses it isn't very often that I get to deal with colors.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Making progress

The full lace bodice dress is complete. I will post pictures after my customer receives her gown. I had a major set back with both of my sergers breaking down on me. I am back in action! Here is the 30's Lace gown with more of the bodice details. I'm still messing with gathers on the form. I think I will get a better idea after I attach the bodice lining. I adore the back.
Now I have to put it aside for a custom rush order. Why can't there be more time in the day?