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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Dress 11 Brocade 50's Inspired

This dress was my YOU Dress. I got the honor of meeting my customer in person. It was a lot of fun talking and picking out fabrics.
I'm almost done with dress 12 & 13. One is for a Chinese wedding so it will be a white gown with red accents. She wanted a less formal fabric so she could wear the dress again. I will be posting it in the near future. I love white and red! I'm still very behind in my schedule. The Holidays and having to do dress 10 over again... That is a totally different story and I will be sharing my bad luck very soon. 

I hope by January to be completely caught up. We shall see. I apologize to my customers who are anxiously awaiting their orders.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

DIY Wrapping

I started to follow this great little blog. She does a lot of DIY gift wrapping, which we all know comes in handy all year long. I really loved her tissue pom pom flowers. Mine didn't turn out as nice as hers but I still love creating it and know my mom will appreciate it. Be sure to check out CoffeeBreakCorner. For instructions on these cute little flowers click here.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Dress 10 1930's Wedding Gown

This dress is not complete but I had to share my progress and some frustrating times for me. All that needed to be done is the zipper, the hem and the lining....but unfortunately the dress is too small. I forgot to add more to the hips so it is about three inches too small. There is no give to this cut, it has to be exact. I will be starting the dress over tomorrow. I will eventually finish this dress and list it. It is going to be a stunner! Please excuse the mess I've been working overdrive trying desperately to catch up.

Monday, December 5, 2011

PS I Love Tartan Dress 9

I love how this dress turned out. It is my version of the PS I Love You dress, but with tartan fabric. The fabric is 100% wool and I managed to line the wrap dress beautifully. For the petticoat I too the violet contrast color. I always love to add splashes of color when I can.
I'm waiting for final measurements for a wedding dress, working on the design still for the You Dress, I want it to be perfect. I also have a 1930's wedding gown. I honestly don't know what dress will be number 10!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Sister is a Crafter

Or family joke is that there are seamstresses and crafters, though we all know we are usually both. When we go to Joanne's we always say those darn crafters always in our way. Darn crafter took my parking spot. This is only a joke so please no hate comments. I do some crafts myself.

Well my sister decided to sew up this little craft and it is so cute I had to share it here: