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Friday, June 25, 2010

Back to the drawing board

Some changes to the Audrey Hepburn style wedding gown. She now wants more poof. So the outer skirt will be tulle like a ballerina. I have assembled another bodice with a sweetheart neckline and want to keep the off the shoulders look. Below is her sketch and also a picture of what I've done plus the partially done 50's lace shirt that I'm working on as well.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Near completion 2nd 40's dress

All that is left is hand sewing the sleeves lining to the dress. It turned out SWEET! I'm hoping for better weather tomorrow to try to take some decent pictures. Here is the bodice and bottom of the skirt. I used some round buttons. I really couldn't tell what was decorating the original picture.
Here is the front and back of the whole dress.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Up and coming 50's skirt and top

I just received a request to reproduce this beautiful skirt and top. Stay tuned...Make that two that I will be making. One will be like pictured other without the lace. I'm going to be a busy girl!

Bows and Sales

Honestly I didn't much on the dress today but attach the bodice to the lining and made the bow. I'm going to sew it to the center of the collar even though inspiration picture is off a bit. I pinned it like pictured but I think if I got something crooked I would be why was it sewn like that.

I took the day and went to some sales with my future mother in-law. I got a whole shoebox full of vintage zippers for FREE!!! I also got my mom this little Vintage Avon Rooster hand moisturizing container. It still has some lotion in it and it doesn't even stink. Weird how it doesn't after all these years. I paid 50 cents and see it online going for $10.00 to over $20.00! I got some fabric remnants for my sister and also you can see in the picture a cake dish that is a swan. It was made in 1988 and I can't wait to bake a cake with it.

Look at the middle of my goodies of zippers and stuff. Have you ever seen packaging for zippers in a plastic container like this? It is the original container Coats & Clarks. Pretty neat. I think I will keep that one around and not use it. I love to add a little vintage to my vintage inspired dresses with vintage zippers.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Collar redemption

This dress is going to be a total knock out!

I got the collar fixed today and lots more. I'm basically done with the dress except hemming. I haven't decided if I'm going to fully line the dress yet. Not being lazy just thinking of Florida. I will see how it looks without the skirt being lined. With the godets I made more of rounder shape triangle so they would stick out more. You will see what I mean when you scroll down at my progress. They really pop out of the bottom of the dress. I need to get something decorative for the top of them. I really can't tell from the inspiration photo what was used. Looking at these pictures I'm going to have to take the left side of the collar in just a hair. Must have had a slip with the machine.
For the piping below the bustline I first put it on the skirt section instead of the bodice. made sewing it on a lot easier since there was no gather in the skirt. I used a standard zipper foot to sew it in place. I then attached it to the bodice.
Here is the bodice attached to the dress with and without the godets.
I love the way the sleeves turned out. I still need to make a bow too. I'm not sure if I should make it pin on or tack it on. Decisions decisions. I would be kind of neat to have the option of not having the bow on.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Can anyone say Pilgrim? Some 40's dress!

I'm working on my newest 40's reproduction and sometimes I just have to laugh at myself. Check out the Pilgrim collar I made. I think at least two inches is going to have to be taken off that mighty collar. The second pictured is pinned to the dress from and tucked in a bit. At least I got the shape right. Better to be too big than too small. It is pictured on the lining not the dress fabric. I'm using a light weight suiting. My client lives in Florida and didn't want it too warm.
She also wanted some changes to the original picture. The sleeves she says she has bigger biceps so I may just make an elastic casing with the blue contrast. That way she will have some flex. Hard to see the sleeves with that massive collar lol

Better Pictures of Corn Cob Bunting Bed

What a cheesy looking doll! But it works I guess.
Back and standing:
Well now it's off to do what I love the most making dresses!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A Craft Project

Well after 6 days of working on the 40's dress I thought I would take a little break and make something crafty. This is so neat. It is an infant corn bunting bed. I need to get something to finish the top section and still have to tack the leaves to the corn. This is my first quilting like project. I really want to make a quilt but seems there is never enough time in the day.

The first picture is the part of the corn and the second is the almost done picture. Sorry the pictures are so terrible but I was on a roll today and didn't want to stop to take photographs. The leaf goes all round the corn body. Imagine a little baby in this! ADORABLE! I will take another picture when it's finished with a baby doll inside since I don't have a baby. I'm hoping to sell some of these on Etsy.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lace 40's Dress Complete!

I am so proud of how this turned out. I had to hang it to take a picture because my customer is very small. So small the dress won't fit on my dress form. I can't believe how beautiful it is. I will be shipping it tomorrow. I hope she is as please with the final outcome as I am. Six days to create!
Here is the zipper view from the inside and also a picture with a body in it. The hanger does not do it justice!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Another 40's Dress to Reproduce

I'm on a roll with the 40 style dresses. This one reminds me of the "Stop Staring" line. Why didn't I think of that for a name. Here is what I will be creating. I do have to finish my mock wedding dress first though and still am working on the hand sewing my lace dress which will be done tomorrow!
She wants a dark charcoal grey with vintage pale Robin egg blue for the accents. This is going to be a sharp dress!

My new amazing vintage pattern

I just got this in the mail today! It is so gorgeous. I hope someone wants me to make it for them. I can't justify buying all that fabric for a dress I have no place to wear. It is Simplicity 4968 made in 1954.
This is not the actual picture of mine. Mine is in mint condition. Uncut and a size 12 Bust 30.

Ribbons Zippers and Time Oh My

Well had some good luck. Found a matching zipper but it isn't invisible. It isn't that important because the way I put the zipper in you are not going to see it anyways. I also found some ribbon. I will post pictures when it is on the dress.

I've put the zipper in, attached the godets all that is left is the hems and a little hand sewing. I don't want machine stitches on the ribbon and I'm going to hand sew the sleeve to the sleeve lining. Lucky for me Monday is ok to ship. I could of made it but I'd rather take my time when it comes to hand sewing. Here is a picture of the zipper. See how it is attached to the liner. I hand basted it prior to sewing. I want to try some double sided tape. If anyone has used it for zippers please post a comment and give me some input. It was a little tough and I had to be careful to sew straight on the flap side but it worked as planned!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Slow disappointing day with 40s dress

So I lost a couple of hours on the dress yesterday because my serger decided it needed a new blade. That's ok because I've been putting a lot of use in the old girl.

Today I was on the quest to find the perfect ribbon. I've been to four different places now and even looked online though it is too late to order online and have not been able to find any dusty rose or dark pink ribbon. I may just have to use something else. I think it is more important for it to match then to have a satin ribbon. I may just make my own if I have enough silk left.

I'm almost done but am at a stand still until I find the ribbon. Here is the completed liner.
I initially planned on gathering the bodice but it didn't look right when I laid some NOT dusty rose ribbon to the bustline and waist. So I took out the gathers of the dress and made darts instead so it laid flat. Here it is pinned to form. The liner is attached to the dress and it is basically complete except the zipper, hem and adding the godets.

Again my horrible photography and lighting does not show the detail of the back. The overlap is going to a pain when it comes to zipper time. I think I have a good idea how I'm going to make it look as seamless as possible.

I decided to try the godets. I want the scallop edges of the lace so I need to sew it above where the hem will be so it lines up. A godet is just a triangle shape. Add some at the top for the seam allowance. Leave an opening to the skirt where you are going to attach the godet and sew each side.

Notice that the dress and the liner are not sewn? That is because when I do the zipper I'm going to attach the zipper to the liner and the dress. The zipper will not be seen from the inside or out except for the tab to zip up the dress. This makes for a very nice finish and you won't have the zipper scratching your back. My other problem is I want to use an invisible zipper but the colors are not as available as your standard zippers. I'm going to try one more place tomorrow but I will have to just make due with what I have if I don't find exactly what I need. This needs to ship tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

40's Dress Continued

Ok so I totally love what I did yesterday but looking closer at the placement of the ribbon there is no way that my bustline will work for this dress. All is good though because that is the bustline I want for my own version. Yes I love this dress so much I will making myself one. I'm thinking I'm only going to have the bow under the bustline for my version.  I could make a belt loop at the waistline if I decide to have two ribbons. Mine isn't important right now my customer's is and I need to stop thinking about different designs and make the design as closely as pictured as possible.

Today I lengthened the bodice using the same pattern I already created. I added 4.5" inches to the bottom so the seam will be at the natural waistline instead of the empire. I will have to adjust the skirt for the lengthened bodice.

I have the dress basically assembled. Here are some pictures of it pinned to the form. It is hard to see the pleats in the back because honestly I don't take good pictures. For the bottom of the skirt I think I'm going to place a small godet not positive yet I will wait until the dress is completely sewn before I decide if I want a fold over slit or the godet.

It sure is pretty so far.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Start on 40's Dress

In case you missed the intro on this you can click here to see the 40's dress I will be reproducing. Using silk on this dress there is no way I'm going to use that fabric for my pattern. I'm used a muslin to make my pattern. Here is the front and back. I think I may make the scallops a little rounder when I actualy cut the fabric but the pattern is good enough to start with.

For the back I've extended one side for the lap that I see in the picture. I got the pleats down pretty well. Just to be on the safe side though I'm going to sew the lining first. One for fit and two to make sure it is going to lay out as I think it should. I will hopefully post the lining later today. I'm cutting the skirt part now. I feel safe doing this since it is just a straight skirt. Plus it is a lot of cutting. The lining, the lace the fabric. By the time it is all said and done I've cut three dresses.

The original dress again.
I have most of it cut now. I decided to make the right back a little longer to be sure to get that fold right. Better to be too long than too short. Need room for both fold and the pleat. I used the muslin pattern piece I made on the lace then layered the silk and lining and cut them using the lace piece just because it was the closest in reach. I prefer to use fabric for patterns because it will stick better to the fabric you are cutting.
For the sleeves I'm going to let the lace do it's work for the scalloped edges.
I have most of the lining assembled. It is just pinned on the dress form but the skirt and bodice are sewn. Skirt still needs to be serged. I'm going to put it aside now and start working on the actual dress. I'm sure glad I made the right side a little larger then my first pattern. It is looking real good and I'm confident enough to actually sew the dress. First though I have to attach the lace to each piece. Lots of stitching to do. I hope to have all the lace sewn by the end of the night. Not too bad for a days work!
Here is the front of the lining. The ribbon is going to really look good at the bust line.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bride has to leave in style

My newest custom order is for a new bride to slip out of her wedding dress. She selected a cute little cotton sundress, white of course. I have the dress part done but, being white we don't want the bride running off to her honeymoon showing off all her glory so I selected a real nice posh beige liner. Stay tuned and you will see the difference from the red you can see through on my dressform. She will not have to wear a slip with the lining I selected.

The first pictue is the dress fully assembled ready to attach the liner...maybe I should go now and sew the liner which is basically sewing another dress.

I finished except one final press. Though I'm sure it won't looked very pressed after it has been shipped. Here is the side by side of the dress without the beige liner and the completed dress with the liner. Pretty amazing. A white liner would of helped but it still would of shown through some.
Here is what the dress looks like on the inside. Hard to tell which side is which. I didn't use the liner on the sleeves as I wanted the sleeves to be more durable. I could of lined the whole dress with the fabric but then it wouldn't be much of a sundress and it would of been heavy.
Well time to start cutting my 40's lace dress!