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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Barefoot Sewing

I don't know about the rest of you seamstresses out there but I hate sewing with my shoes on. I prefer barefooted, socks or special crochet or knitted slippers. I recently purchased these adorable bunny slippers from CUTEurecreations. Here they are, now I can have happpy sewing feet!:
If you have little ones you need to check out her shop. She has the cutest hats, slippers and headbands. Here are a couple darling little numbers. Makes me want to learn to crochet! I admire the art of crochet and knitting. For those that know how to crochet she does offer patterns too!

Monday, June 27, 2011

1950's Wedding Gown Set Right

 This is the redesign of my backwards dress. With the lower neckline in the front it would not of worked well with the empire I initially did. I think this one is fuller and it will work better with that obnoxious aqua sash. That is obviously not pictured here.
I can only hope that 10 years or maybe it will take 20 years that the Bride & Groom will be able to laugh about the dumb girl that made their first dress backwards. Happy Sewing :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

After three years of making wedding gowns I ruined a wedding

I'm embarrassed to even post this. I don't know what I did or what I was thinking but I basically made a design backwards. This dress I was so proud of. Well that low back should of been a low front and the high front should of been a high back. Dyslexia perhaps? What do you say to this but you're terribly sorry and whatever they want they can have. A new dress? A full refund, plus keep the petticoat and sash. She graciously is allowing me to make her another dress. Here is my progress.

If all goes well I maybe able to ship this tomorrow. Tuesday at the latest. I sent her pictures to ease her mind. It had to have been devastating to open up my dress. She took in to see if it could get fixed they wanted to add 9 inches of fabric. Sorry the dress it not fixable it was made completely wrong. Not sure what they were planning to do? Panels on the back? That would of been really lovely. Maybe some color blocking. lol Sorry but it is a wedding dress and it is one thing to have panels on the side where they aren't going really be seen but not the back of the dress.

1940's Wiggle Dress Completed

I dont' know why it is so hard to find round buttons in colors. I ended up using pearls. They are pretty but a simple button would of sufficed. The godets can be worn either inverted or sticking out. I usually do a round godet but the picture my customer sent me it didn't looked flared. Think of a cheerleader skirt.
 The godets are also in the back of the dress. I have real issues trying to photograph black and my back pictures did not turn out at all. I should of paid more attention in photography class.

Friday, June 24, 2011

1940's Style Wiggle Dress

I'm about to wrap this dress up. It should be done tomorrow, but here is the silhouette of it. Please excuse the mess I've been working in overtime!
I used a sateen fabric for this dress. It has bit of a stretch. I love sateen! There will be buttons on top of the godets. The godets are in the front and back. I will take better photos when it is competed.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ta Da love how this turned out

Here is my full gown with as my customer requested an obnoxious bow. It was a fun dress to make. The petticoat took longer than the dress to make.
 In case you all think I'm slacking, I'm not. I just shipped out a PS I Love You dress and am working on my sketch inspired dress. I've posted these dresses before so I maybe a little slow in my blogging. Month is almost over and I'd like to finish four more dresses. The one I'm working on, Breakfast at Tiffany's and either a new design of a 1940's dress or my Back to the Future dress. I will be posting the new design in the near future.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Feature interview at the Daily Dot

I was contacted by a reporter that use to still does not sure report for USA Today. She is now reporting stuff about Etsy at a upcoming website called the Daily Dot. You can read my interview here. Pretty exciting stuff for me!

Dupioni iridescent silk dress

I love this iridescent silk from fabric.com. I've done this dress in a short version and here is the long version. The shape is so flattering for any size. Stunning fabric that changes colors in different lights.

I'm almost done with another great dress. Hopefully I will be posting pictures later today. I'm pretty excited about it.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Two more dresses to share

In case you don't follow Sew Retro here is my vintage reproduction. This was a real joy to make! I'm kind of lazy so if you want to see the comparison shots and or more views of the dress visit my post at Sew Retro.
Here is the completed V2903. It looks so much better now that it is complete. Looks better in person and hopefully even more better on a person.
Remember my last post when I said the 7 bridesmaid dresses were a huge hit. Well they were but turns out one did not fit. A learning curve for me. For now on ask for a cup size. Patterns default to a "B" cup. I love that a lot of the newer ones have all cup sizes included. The dress fit perfect except in the bust.

The girl is close to my size and so I tried it on and it is slightly big for me for a strapless. So I had to contact her and ask her cup size. You see that 34" bust was perfect if you are have "A" cup or "B" cup but a "D" cup heck no lol. I can't fix the existing dress so I am making her a new one. I'm not upset about it because I love the dress and now I will have one for myself!

I'm going to put the halter straps on it instead of removable spaghetti straps. This customer has been so easy to work with and I want her day to be perfect. I received the dress on Saturday and will be shipping the new one tomorrow. I can't believe how fast I got it done. It would of been done today but I didn't have a gray zipper in stock. So all that will be left is the zipper, hems and tacking.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Vogue 2903

I'm currently working on Vogue 2903. What I thought would be a total breeze isn't. I just don't like the finishing they call for.

The fabric my customer picked out isn't ideal for it either. I'm going to add a sash for her to break it up. The flowers did were impossible to line up not like plaids. This is it just hanging on the form. The back hasn't been stitched. I don't understand why they don't call to see the yoke better. I will either slip stitch or top stitch the yoke for more security.
As of today it is almost done. Just have to put the zipper in, hem and fix the yoke. The pattern called for the zipper to be in the center of the back. I'm making it go all the way up. I find it is a pain to zip up dresses that are like that.

Good news all the bridesmaid dresses last month were a huge hit! They loved them. So happy! I hope they share some pictures.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Wow my first negative Etsy needs to fix the feedback system

That purple dress just doesn't want to go away. She contacted me again after I offered her a full refund. You can read the details here.

She wanted the sash still at no cost. Yes my bad on the wrong color but I refunded her 25% of the dress because she said she loved the dress and didn't want the full refund. Figured that squared things up. Guess not. I received my first and probably won't be my last negative feedback.

Etsy really needs to fix the feedback system or get rid of it all together. My buyer has 86% feedback but I have no way of knowing what it is for because you cannot see a buyers feedback only the sellers. It is very one sided and unfair to Etsy sellers.

I'm waiting for a kiss & make up which allows the users to change the feedback. I can see her saying do this and that and I will remove the negative. I don't think so lol I would rather a red mark on my feedback than to deal with her anymore.