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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pattern and Fabric Give Away!

Here is what is up for grabs...A very ugly Vogue Pattern 0995, with matching ugly vintage fabric. I am sorry to offend anyone that thinks it is cute. Winner is picked randomly. All you need to do is make a promise to make this outfit with the provided fabric there is enough to do the pants and jacket! When the project is done just send me a picture of the finished project. Leave a comment to enter you don't need to be a follower! Pattern size 8-12. Winner to be picked Dec. 15th just in case you want to give it as Christmas present.

Disappointments but still a pretty dress

My grey wiggle dress. She loved it and didn't expect it to be so pretty. I did some extras for her since I knew she was getting married in it. It fit but was a little too snug. She is going to make it work but these are the times I hate the most. I feel horrible. You always wish for perfection, you always wish for OMG it fits amazing I love everything about it. I think I have about a 99% good rate but the 1% will always bring me down.
I absolutely loved the back of this dress and the lace sleeves.

My newest skirt and experimenting with jewelry

What a BIT** I don't get how I can breeze through gowns and sometimes struggle with skirts. After numerous seam ripping I finally completed it. The fabric was sent to me by my customer and it is boucle for anyone that has used it they know how it can unravel easily and you want to take extra care if you have to take out the seams.  I've pressed it but it still needs some more pressing as the pleats are not pronounced enough yet.

My newest jewelry

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Update on projects

Well here is the two green dresses with bolero. You can see already that is going to be flattering for all sorts of shapes and sizes!
My Silken Flame Barbie Dress with cute little petticoat
Bodice detail comparision. I'm pretty proud as I made the bodice myself :)
I also shipped out my grey with black lace wiggle dress. I can't show it yet because she hasn't received it. I dressed it up some because she is getting married in it. As always I'm stressing about it PLEASE LET HER LOVE IT!!! I put my whole heart into my creations and simply hate it when they don't work out!

Tomorrow I'm hoping to ship out a skirt from a vintage pattern my customer sent me. Simplicity 3748. I am making View 1.  
Then I get to make a wedding gown. I got the fabric to match the overlay today and OMG I can hardly wait! I love all my orders but sometimes you love some more than others. I've been looking so forward to doing this dress

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Inexpensive sewing feet

I'm always looking for better ways to have a better finish to my projects. What better way than to buy accessories for your sewing machine. I use a standard Brother machine for my straight stitching and also own two sergers and a Singer machine. Recently I purchased a rolled hem foot for my Brother. It was only $13.99 and shipping $2.00. What a deal! If I was to go to my local Sew & Vac they would of charged me $34.00! Here is the link. They have an assortment of different brands plus lots of other goodies at reasonable rates and no RIP OFF shipping costs.

Here is my foot well not literally I guess I should say here is my Brother's foot...well no it isn't any of my Brother's feet. Okay here is my machine's new foot
I tested it and it works wonderful! I think my next one will be the gathering foot.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Update on Little Aaron strutting his stuff!

Well here is the little guy in his new shark outfit. The patch idea worked for his store bought pj's. He is so adorable! Again if anyone wants to donate a little fabric and time you can contact the Luce Family directly. His measurements are here.
I shipped the Barbie dress and now am working on a grey with black lace wiggle dress. My customer is getting married in it. Well back to work I need to get it done to ship by Friday! 

Monday, November 22, 2010

A little splurge on myself

I just had to splurge a little....before Christmas and in our family the rule is no buying for yourself. I guess that is to assure you don't buy something that someone else may buy for you for Christmas. So I got myself this great little Marilyn Monroe top you can check out the shop here I really wanted a Kurt Cobain one that was in her sold items but was denied! I also got this unique little top from marcellamoda. I even when outside my box, instead of black I went for blue! Kind of proud of myself there. I bought a tank from her shop earlier this year and let me tell you I wore it all summer. LOVED IT! I highly recommend her shop. Well here are my purchases.
Oh crap just looked at the shop where I got the Monroe shirt and she's got another listing that I WANT...OH Yeah Johnny Depp. For my family MINE and I mean both of them! Here is the Kurt shirt I was denied and the new Johnny Depp shirt. I haven't received my shirt but I will update you if the shop is worth buying from. They have 100% feedback so I'm not too worried.

I'm a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World

OK now that I got that stupid song in my head. I'm wrapping up my Silken Flame Barbie dress. I had to make the bodice myself as I could not find a pattern that resembled it. It looks orange in the picture but it is a true red. As you can tell I need to take the left side spaghetti strap in a little and still have to stitch up the middle of the bodice for that gathered look.

My customer requested straps either halter or spaghetti. I thought the spaghetti would be a better choice for this style of bodice. They are adjustable so she can fit them to size. I have the skirt and skirt lining cut and sewn. I will attach them tomorrow. This is just a sneak peak. It has been a lot of fun reproducing  a vintage Barbie Gown!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Aaron a very special project

This was an Alchemy request:

My infant son just had a g-tube placed and I'm looking for some clothing that will accommodate his tube. I would really like to have him in some cute and cozy clothes rather than the icky institutional garb he is in right now :( There would need to be an access panel (maybe a Velcro or snap pocket) just to the left of the belly area.

Here is little Aaron. If you want to read more about his family and how he is doing you can go here.

His story broke my heart. Myself, sister and mom will be making some outfits for him. I have completed one and  I will also be attempting to place a hole in some pj's that were purchased for him. I'm going to use a patch to cover the hole and reinforce it with some hand stitching prior to ironing it on.

Here is the first outfit:
If any of you seamstresses are up for it I'm sure he could use more clothes made to fit his special needs. Here are his little measurements:

torso to shoulder- 9in
shoulder to tube- 7.5in
shoulder to toe- 21in

If you are going to place a hole it should be the size of a quarter.  A little flap may work too. 

Friday, November 19, 2010

Bodice worked out beautifully

I love how the bodice turned out. I think I will do it this way for all my future orders of this dress. I love the cap sleeves but am anxious to see how it looks strapless! A note to my sis yes I hugged the dress :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Green dress continued

I finished one and just have three more to go. The first two will be the cap sleeves and then I have to make a strapless version and hopefully I will be able to pull off attaching the bolero to the dress. We'll see!
I shipped the first one yesterday. I love how it turned out but as I'm working on the second one I came up with a cleaner edge for the bodice. Here is the the one that shipped. The one next to it pinned is the one I'm hoping to get done by tomorrow. For her version I'm trying a very soft cording which I created my own piping with on the top of the ruched section of the bodice. I think it looks better and plus I'm going to have to have something similar or maybe boning for the strapless. I think the piping will work for the strapless I would just have it go all the way around the bodice.

Here is a swatch of the actual color of the dress because I suck with a camera!
Well it's been a couple of hours since I posted! The bodice turned our incredible! I love the piping effect. I'm going to try to assemble the rest of the dress tonight. I haven't cut the skirt, or the skirt lining yet. Then in the morning I will put in the zipper, hem and create a bow. I'm sure I will finish the dress by tomorrow but I still have to do the bolero. I would like to be a day early than I scheduled it to ship. When this is complete it will Barbie time!

I will post more pictures after my customers receive their dresses first. Wouldn't want to spoil the WOW factor when they open the box...or wait it could be ewww too! I will hope for the first but you never know :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sexy Green 50's style dress with bolero

This dress is so elegant but at the same time sexy! I am almost done with my first version. It will ship tomorrow.

Here is a sneak peek at the muslin I did first because I wanted cap sleeves. I am offering variations to the bodice such as the cap sleeves, strapless, halter or spaghetti straps. I found some perfect buttons for the bolero. Matches the green I used and has a shade of black. I will be posting the final pictures soon!
No time to complete it so it was sew pin and go yeah it's going to work...sometimes you have to have a little faith!

She loved it and here are the final results of the faux fur 50's dress

Here is my version of the faux fur 50's dress. I was so happy to recreate one of my dream dresses. Some day I will make one all white!
I'm working on the lighting for my pictures. I should of paid more attention in photography! BTW I did have to do the collar over. It wasn't my fault though, I think I have a faulty measuring tape. I measured around the bodice but it said one thing and when I pinned it on it was a bit too short. I think it lied on purpose.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm so excited about this order

I love reproducing clothing but at the same time it takes away from designing my own because if I'm too busy recreated garments then how can I create something from my own imagination. Well thanks to Tabs I will be able to do a dress I call the YOU dress. Inspired by the person I'm making it for. This will be her fourth order I've created for her and she is putting her trust in me. I have a firm promise not to list whatever I create for her so she will be getting a truly one of kind dress. Stay tuned I will be posting the final product after she receives it of course!

Maybe it is because Thanksgiving is coming

Yup another Pilgrim collar. I think I will trim it right on the form. At least I have the length right. I even remembered seam allowance!

Actually now that I see the pictures close I think the it will be fine after I sew it the lining. Wow only one time having to make it!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Next reproduce 50's faux fur collar dress

I absolutely love this dress! The lines of the dress, the faux fur the simple elegance of it. Here is the inspiration photos:
The lady who purchased it actually had a picture of the back. It has a cute bow and that means I get to use this pattern for at least the bow. I will have to modify it to make it work for this dress though just make it longer. Thanks again Chrissy for selling me the pattern I missed out on!
I am scheduled to ship this on November 10th. I have it cut and started sewing the skirt. I have not pressed it yet so you everyone can see the details of the lines (darts) going down the skirt. I should be able to assemble the dress tonight then work on the collar and if you read my blog you know how I am with collars :) Figure out how I want to place the bow and it hopefully will look as remarkable as the original! I have to do the bow and collar last so I can measure against the dress.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Top with Arm Warmers

I've made this three times now!!! I want to scream. The first time I made it I used a ribbed knit. Hated it. The second one I made I forgot my customer want it longer and instead of being 25" long as requested it was 22". I think she would of noticed three inches.

The top itself is adorable. I love the arm warmers. They do have the thumb glove. I don't know what you call that. The pictures on the dressform will never do it justice as it does not have a neck, shoulders or arms. I stuffed it a little for some shoulders but she will have to remain armless and short necked  :)
Hard to tell the front and back. I had a lot of fun with the finishing again using the twin needle. For my brother and serger I used a ball point needle. Sewing knits is so easy if you have the proper tools, so never shy away from the fabric!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

This Etsy Shop Makes Me So Glad

So I have to get rid of a negative with a postitive. These items are from a shop called Porshes Place. Femia has been my mentor, and inspiration since I first opened my shop on Etsy.

Her dresses are so beautiful but more than that she is the sweetest person. She has often referred business my way if she is too busy to meet the deadlines. She is always there when I want to chit chat, vent or need some sewing advice. Here are a few of my favorite items from her shop. Please visit her site for more great vintage style clothing!

Thank you Femia! I appreciate everything!

Yup I did it again...another pattern

Couldn't stop myself on this one. A 1940 Hollywood #483 pattern. Picture is blurred but you get the idea. I just won today!
Pretty isn't it!

Shrug and Top

I still have one more style to go but here is my shrug and top. My customer wanted this really cute pin stripe fabric that I found at fabric.com When  I received it I was a bit disappointed that it was kind of thin. If you pressed your hands on it you could somewhat see your skin. Imagine that on your body! Well I couldn't let the cute fabric go to waste so my customer is getting two looks for the price of one. I made both the top and shrug reversible. One side is the pin stripe the other a solid black. I will be posting another version hopefully tomorrow.
The sleeves are supposed to be long and should end in the middle of her hands. It should of had a thumb spot but I couldn't do it and still have it reversible. It is a sharp versatile top.

I got to use my Singer Machine for this because my simple brother machine isn't set up for a twin needle. I guess I could use the bobbin knob but it was easier to use the Singer. Does that make me a trader? I love them both and need to call my Aunt to thank her again for the machine.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This Etsy shop is making me so mad

I don't know why  Viola Vintage  keeps listing the same items! She did it first with my Marilyn Monroe dress now the Keira Knightly wedding dress.

She has fabulous stuff so why take from someone else? This is the reason why I can't blog or go on pattern reviews and share how I create things. If I do then this shop uses the information and sells the same items. I've even been watermarking my photos because of it! I guess I missed a couple. Those are easy to google though.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Silken Flame Barbie Dress

I didn't get my fabric! It shipped Oct. 29th priority mail. I bet my post office just hasn't sorted it yet. They've done it to me before but I really don't have time for it. I have two tops, shrugs, gloves and the 50's dress with faux fur to get done this week. Hard to work when you don't have the fabric. This dress I plan on working on next week. It is from a vintage Barbie doll and it was called Silken Flame. I'm using a red velvet for the bodice and an ivory satin for the skirt. My customer already has a red velvet coat that I believe was her grandmother's. I think Mattel reissued the doll in the 90's. Maybe I'm partial to brunettes but I like the vintage one better :)