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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I can't post the dress but I can post the petticoat

Here is the completed petticoat. If you can believe it it is three layers of the net I talked about earlier. This is bit stiffer as I said so for the bottom layer I used an organza so it wouldn't be so itchy. Every petticoat I make I improve on. I think I will use the organza or I think I could use fabric at the bottom layer to keep the netting off the skin. I eventually am going to use true crinoline. It is STIFF. I was conversing with Femia from Porshes Place. and she said when she made one she had to hand gathered it instead of using her machine. I believe it. She also said it will hold any fabric up. I want more POOF!

Thank goodness she loved her wedding dress

The wait seemed like forever. That is why I prefer priority but it is outrageous to ship priority when it is over 3 pounds plus with a gown I have to go on a quest for a big box. USPS boxes just won't work for the fuller gowns. The dress with the petticoat weighed 4 pounds. They don't seem so heavy when you're wearing them. I think this gown is so pretty. Really breathtaking even on a dress form. I hope to see some pictures after the big day.

We were debating on the rouching effect of the dress. At first I thought it would look good with it just around the bust line kind of like the Keira Knightley dress but when I tried it it looked horrible. It made the dress so blah. I think with the blue dress it was ok because it was solid no overlay. We also wanted options so I made a pleated detachable cummerbund. I tried the rouching and it was ugly. It was overkill on the rouching.

I think it looks great with or without it. The green matched perfect. It was hilarious when I msged my customer telling her I found a perfect green to match she thought I meant the green was for the actual dress. I understand this since her inspiration photo was a green dress. Could you imagine wanted a ivory dress and getting a green one?

Monday, December 20, 2010

New stiffer netting

Believe it or not Joanne's has some great netting. It is stiffer than your usual netting. Perfect for petticoats of course. Only downfall is that it so far only comes in ivory or white. I usually buy my netting at fabric.com they have the best selection of colors and it is stiffer than Joanne's of course aside from this stuff. fabric.com doesn't have ivory for some reason either. I make quite a few ivory petticoats and I'm pretty happy with this stuff though it a little harder to work with. There is no props holding this petticoat up. It is standing on it's own!
I have completed another wedding gown, from my sketch! I'm so very proud of it and can't wait to share it with you all. I ran into quite a few issues with it but in the end the dress is remarkable. I hope the bride to be loves it. Hurry and get to her Mr. Postman! The above unfinished petticoat was for her gown.

What a doll! Silken Flame Barbie on a real doll.

Here is my customer in her Silken Flame Barbie outfit. She is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing and allowing me to share your pictures.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Congratulations Making Changes WINNER pattern and fabric!!!

Congratulations Making Changes you are the winner of the not so fabulous pattern and fabric! I don't have an e-mail but I tried to contact you through what I believed was your Etsy site. I will ship it to you as soon as I have an address!

Thanks all that participated!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Fabric downer what's up with this?

So I went to cut my next wedding dress. I've had the fabric for a bit now but never thought to check it over since I've never had an issue with (well not going to say where I'm sure it was a honest mistake) I've never seen anything like this and would really like a machine that does this stitching which started about a yard in of my fabric.
I ended wasting a couple of hours going to the fabric store just to find everything I wanted they didn't have enough of! I did end up finding something I was happy with though. It will gather really nice not too thick not too thin. Thank goodness. I don't have time for stuff like this! Just look at that perfect stitching though. It looks like they way I use to lace up my shoes. Does my thumb look fat in the picture j/k :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Special Gift from my Mom

So I hate to admit it but I'm a bit of Hum Bug this season. Not sure why...being laid off, stress of life in general, being cynical about the meaning of Christmas and how it gets buried in presents just to be returned the day after Christmas. Ok I will stop now so I don't bring everybody down.

Today I got a surprise visit from my mom and sister. They brought me over a Christmas tree! I love it so much!!! and it made my day and it is so fitting for this year. My Charlie Brown Christmas Tree! No after New Year's taking down the tree and decorations!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wedding Dress and two other dresses

So I'm still trying to catch up. I'm almost done with the wedding dress. I braved it up and cut the overlay. I think the only thing I could use what was left is for a Barbie outfit.
I know she follows this blog so pictures of the dress will have to wait.

Here is the 50's dress with the stand up collar that I under estimated the fabric for. I also added a sash per customers request to dress it up a bit. She is going to a Mad Men's Inspired party. I got my fabric quick and shipped it today. Also here is my strapless version of the green dress (black per request) with bolero completed.  

I made these little earrings to go with the strapless dress. She is wearing it to a New Year's Eve party.

Next weeks projects will be EtsyKetsy123 green dress and another wedding gown. Then I think it is the YOU dress and skirt. I may have my sister come over and at least help me cut to speed things up!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

This dress is so unique

Etsy has this feature that will show you stuff from your favorite shops and this little dress popped up today. It is from traven7. It is a vintage shop. Could you imagine recreating this dress and the work involved! Look at the details!

I just love the skirt! Never worn reasonable priced click here for dress listing.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I think it is just going to be a crappy week

I'm stressing! I think I I over estimated my skills this month with orders. I goofed on one yesterday and then after receiving a message from another customer who needs her order for New Year's Eve I realized a couple of things. One she wanted a black dress not the green and two she is from Canada! So I ran to the fabric store and whipped out her dress today. It is almost done just need to do some hand stitching and hem the skirt. This is the strapless version of this the green dress with bolero. If you missed it click here. I did the piping all around the top and boned the ta ta area of the bodice. After she receives it I will post better pictures. I really like it strapless.
One of my biggest pet peeves is putting a project a side and starting a new one. I hate to do it. Now I have three projects going. This dress that still needs the bolero, the wedding dress, and the dress with the high collar sitting waiting for fabric. I'm getting quite the mess! As soon as I'm caught up I'm taking a day to clean my work space. Hey mom if you're reading this c'mon over and help me clean ;)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Just a bad sewing day

I should of been done with this dress today but I under estimated the fabric. I have the bodice completely done even the hand sewing. I love the collar and cuffs and love the black faille I used. I haven't pressed yet almost looks like Dracula right now but it will be all good in the end. I had to call my customer with the bad news and told her I could either make it all over again with satin that I had in stock or wait at least four days to get my fabric in. It seemed like everything I touched today went bad....
I've also been working on a wedding dress. I have the lining all done except the hem! All the boning and underlining is complete. To me that is almost the worst or at least the most time consuming part. It probably would go a little faster if I didn't do an under lining, less cutting, less sewing, but I notice a real difference especially in strapless gowns. The final result is worth the extra work. This is what she will see when she looks in the dress.

Since I have until April though I plan on shipping it this month I'm going all out. I want it to be perfect. She send me the most beautiful overlay. I'm scared to death to cut it because it is not replaceable and I'm having to modify some things to make it work since there was limited supply. It is going to work but I have no room for errors. For every visible seam I can I'm doing a french seam. For a good tutorial on how to do a french seam click here. It really is a must at least for overlays. I have a serger and that makes a nice finish but nothing compared to the french seam.

I feel I'm falling behind on my orders! Tomorrow's another day and I hope I make more progress than I did today.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

For those who don't follow Sew Retro I'm having a give away there too

Give away for one made to size petticoat and I'm sure you will agree it is better than my Pattern & Fabric Give Away. Please go here to see the details.