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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A little anxious to see how it's all going to look.

I have to stop for the night as I need some boning for the collar. I used a real heavy interfacing that I need to mold a bit too. I'm going to put boning at the bottom of the collar. I will create a casing with basically a neck facing for the collar and sew it right above seam line of the bodice and lining. I think this will help it keep it's form and also stand better without straining the bodice neckline so much.  Hard to explain but I have it in my head.

Though I had to stop for the night I went ahead and pinned the collar to the dress form and put the cape on so I could see how it was looking. Here it is. I can't wait to see it on a person!

Snow White Progress

I got a lot done today and part of yesterday. It is the little things that take all the time. I made my piping and attached it to the bodice. I left enough room to use it for a casing for the boning. Worked out real well.

I used my bodice pieces for guides to cut the cording. I then cut strips of the same blue fabric I used for the sleeves. I glued the ends of the cording so they would not fray.

I used a zipper foot to sew the piping straight and close. The bodice needs to be cut to size still on the side seams but I went ahead and put the piping on and will cut when I'm ready to attach it to the liner.

For the sleeves every strip needed to be sewn, serged turned  right side out and pressed. It was tough doing the sleeves. I started from the bottom up. I did not want the blue strips to gathered so I gathered the lower sleeve and pinned it to the arm band. I then turned it right side out and visually placed the strips. I did the same for the upper part of the sleeves. I also had to leave a little room for the poof and arm movement. They turned  out well. The arm bands won't be finished until I attach the lining. I hand sew the sleeves for a seamless finish.
My downfalls have been I cut the skirt incorrectly! I have been so busy studying the bodice that I honestly I didn't pay much attention to the skirt. I knew it was a long skirt and I cut a floor length skirt. When I looked at other pictures of  Disneyland's Snow White it is a long FULL skirt. So I wasted some silk and had to buy more. OUCH! Hopefully it won't be a total waste. I plan on finishing it and add a top to list on my Etsy site. I will post it here later.
My next downfall was I busted my serger's needle plate! That cost me time and money! $45.00! Lucky for me there is a sew & vac kind of close. Unlucky for me I could of gotten it on Ebay for $15.00 if I didn't need it right away.
I wanted to ship this by Friday but with the skirt mess up I have to wait for the new fabric. Tomorrow night's posting should have a completed bodice with collar! I've cut the collar but haven't worked out exactly how I'm going to attach it so it stands up correctly. I have an idea but will have to wait to see if it works like I think it should.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Snow White Cape & Head Piece

Without anymore rush orders I'm concentrating on the Snow White Costume. You know if you were asked to make a Snow White costume the first thing you would want to make is the cape! I needed a plush button, knowing I would never be able to find one that matched my fabric I created one myself with an oversized button, some stuffing fill and the velvet fabric of the cape itself. I used my packing tape for the pattern. It gave me the perfect circle. It was a pain to serge a perfect circle but it can be accomplished. Wouldn't want it to fray later on. 
Here is the finished cape.

I completed the head piece. It turned out really good. I used a store bought headband and sewed a strip of the red silk the width of the headband plus a little extra for the seam allowance. The bow is just a rectangular shape with a smaller rectangular shape for the center. Because Snow White's bow stands up I sewed it to the headband but also reinforced it with glue.
I don't know if I want to work on the skirt or bodice (which is cut except the lining). I can't do the collar until the bodice is complete so I know how long it needs to be.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Halter Dress Complete

This dress was so much fun to create! I loved her idea of the removable halter straps, but had to do a little more than that :)

First Voile is rather thin so for the bodice I not only did a liner but an underlining as well with muslin fabric. The muslin is thicker than the the voile.

I put the boning on the underlining instead of the lining. You can see how I put the casing together below and what it looks like completed on the dress form.
For the dress I wanted to incorporate as much of the border trim great colors to the dress itself. I intially was going to just have a beige bodice but it seem so dull. POW you have color at the bottom then your eyes go up and blah. So I used some of this fabulous color for the straps and the little collar. The straps button to the bodice. 

This isn't enough. The mid section looks boring so I created this functional sash that is going to give this little dress all kinds of great looks!

Nice little ruching on the beige section, but at the same time you can wrap some color to the front if you want.

How about taking that same wrap and bring it up to the top.

Here is a pictured with the ruched bodice with the straps attached.

One more splash of color I thought with a neat little skirt like this it needed some semi-hidden pockets:

I will be shipping it tomorrow and hope she loves it. I think it is not only classy but unique! There are so many ways she will be able to wear this dress.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Next order a flowy halter dress

This one should be fun. Here is her request:

-A classy (not cutesy) dress that can be worn to an upcoming summer wedding and for years to come.

-Strapless with a removable halter that doesn't look removable. I used to have a dress with a halter strap that buttoned on and off and I loved how it was wearable two different ways.

-A really fun full skirt with a lining layer underneath- this is definitely the part that I want the most!

-I'm not sure what kind of neckline- possibly a sweetheart? Something tasteful that doesn't make it look like the girls are strapped in and suffocated or add more volume to an area that doesn't need any extra.

-I have to be able to fit a bra (strapless or halter, I have several interchangeable kinds) underneath without it being horribly obvious.
Here are the inspiration photos:
I like them both but this is not a replication. She sent me a sketch too but I'm not going to post her sketch without her permission.

Here is the fabric she picked out. She wanted light weight and breezy and this is! It is a voile fabric. Because voile is thin I will be lining the entire dress. It has a neat boarder which I'm going to keep at the bottom of the skirt and use the beige for the bodice. I will also use the boarder for a sash. I haven't decided the bust line yet. I like the looks of the beige one but not sure if it would be a good option for going strapless. I could bone the top of it for support or maybe at the side seams. hmmm.... I think I need some cookie dough ice cream to help me decide.

Silk dress completed and shipped!

I took some pictures on a mannequin instead of the form It looks better. I don't know what it is about the forms but they just don't do justice to the outfits sometimes. Or maybe I'm just making excuses because I don't know how to take a good picture.

I know she wanted simple but it seemed like it needed a little something so I threw in a rose corsage. She can wear it in the middle or off to the side as pictured. I'm beginning to like to make these roses! This one turned out real pretty combining two colors for the leaves.
Isn't my little fairy pretty?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My little sister's newest costume

OMG I'm stopping adult fashion to make costumes. Just kidding! Well sort of. I love making costumes too. I do get to make a cat costume with some minky leopard fabric. Stay tuned later for that. I have other orders to deal with. Blah blah I just wanted to show off my sister's adorable skunk costume. Be sure to visit her shop if you have little ones. Endless Imagination. I keep pushing her yeah get busy sis I know you're reading this :) OK enough of my blabbering here is the skunk:

Rush 2 day order!

So I got my fabric yesterday. A beautiful periwinkle silk from fabric.com
My client wanted something flattering but still age appropriate she's 60 years young with a great shape! Something not too low in the bust. A little wiggle but not a total wiggle. This is what I came up with. I think the lines of this dress are really going to flatter her figure without being too va voom. It has a vintage vibe to it but not outdated. I love the sleeve detail the most!

It needs to hang overnight prior to hemming. I also need to put the zipper on and hand sew the sleeve lining to the dress. The silk is iridescent. It is rather cool! Yeah yeah it looks rather dull on the dress form...but wait until you see it on a person.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to work I go

I have a two rush orders but my fabric did not come in yet so I started to cut the Snow White costume. I have the cape cut. Hopefully I will be able to put some pictures up later today. I have the sleeves cut. I cut 6 blue contrast pieces per sleeve at 3 inches wide 12 inches long. Yup better too long than too short. Plus it is a lot easier to cut to size then to measure.  As you can see there isn't much that will need to be cut. Unlike my Pilgrim collar.

Keep in mind these are just pinned not sewn, pressed or aligned perfectly. You get the idea though of how it is going to look. Just look at that red silk glimmering at you!
Hmmm....only five well I cut six :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Catching my breath another order done

This dress should of been quick since I made it before. I think I've just been working too hard and have been dogging it a little. Here is another version of a 40's dress. This time I did not use elastic on the sleeves. I just put a trim and gathered the top and the bottom prior to the trim. I think it turned out very well. I'm from the West Coast and it is going to the East Coast so I have a long wait to see if she likes it and it fits ok.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

My sister's turtle costume

This is so cute! I love it! The detail is phenomenal!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Grey 50s Silk Skirt and Top Complete

I shipped it today. I hope the lady loves it. Here is what it looks like on  a person. Flat on a dress form did no justice to the outfit at all!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Grey Silk 50's Dress & Skirt continued

I'm making good time on this. I'm done with the shirt now! I have made the rose. I just need to finish the skirt. Again my customer is very petite so the top won't fit on my dress form. It is pictured on a hanger taped to the form.
Here is a detailed  picture of the rose.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Busy busy busy...too busy to make stuff for myself

Though I could make this for myself I just don't have the time! I love this lady's shop! I ordered a tank top there and it's shipping tomorrow. Visit her shop here.
If and she is probably thinking will it fit...will she like it lol I am going to get his unique top!

The talent of Etsy! You can't beat it!!!

The Wonders of Silk

I am always ecstatic when a customer wants silk. I love the drape, the look and working with it. This is going to my 50's reproduction lace skirt & top without the lace. I'm almost done with it. I need to hand sew a hook and eye and the waistband. I need to let it sit on the form for 24 hours prior to hemming it.

This is pictured without a petticoat! It is amazing fabric.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Stress & Regrets

I think it is because of my cancelled order that I'm stressing so much on the 50's lace dress I sent out. She will be getting it gulp Tuesday. I'm already going to make her a new petticoat since that one isn't full enough but now looking at my store bought rose and compared it to the one I just made.

This is awful! I guess I will send her the one I made with the new petticoat because it is so much better. Plus it is made with the same shantung fabric. It didn't look bad at first. Like I said I think I'm just nick picking myself.  Judge for yourself.

Recreating or making made to size orders is so hard. You make it, you measure it over and over again then you have to wait until they get it. That is the worst part waiting! Will they like? Will it fit? Is it what they expected? YIKES!!!

Audrey Style Dress with Flare

I have finally completed  the mock dress. I modified the bodice per customer request to be higher than the waistline. It isn't an empire waist but it slightly higher than the natural waist line. This will look good with the tulle skirt. I had to cut a lot off my original skirt design for this bodice. Since it is just for fittings it isn't that important. If we kept the original design then it would of been very important to make sure there was enough poof with a petticoat. It is still a very full skirt and if she likes it she could totally wear it as I used a cotton fabric instead of muslin I began with. I wonder if 5 bodices had anything to do with that :)

Here it is. Now imagine it with a beautiful bridal fabric and the tulle skirt as pictured next to it. This is going to be some dress. I won't be completing the final dress until July of 2011 closer to her wedding day. Just in case measurements change.