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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Brown & Pink Retro Style Dress

I still need to make a belt but the dress and bolero are complete. I edged the skirt, arm bands and made a bow with some real cute pink and brown polka dots trim. The bolero is reversible. My customer is busty and is concerned about falling out of a strapless. The bodice is boned, lined and underlined with the best stabilizer...wool. She will be able to wear this without a bra! I fully lined the whole dress with the same great cotton fabric that is stiff but still soft. Look at the flare! There is no petticoat underneath, it just has a nice flare on it's own. I will take better pictures tomorrow with the belt. It has to ship tomorrow too, but a belt shouldn't take very long. I need to get some more supplies so I don't have to take extra trips :)
Bodice and hem detail
The pink side

Friday, October 22, 2010

Cute little petticoat

I wish I got to make this cute little dress from Melaniegail Etsy Shop, but I did get to make the petticoat to go under it. I added some small ribbon at the bottom just in case it peeks through. Here is the dress and petticoat.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Miss Hollie's Wedding Day

She was so sweet to let me share some pictures! This is my favorite!
The gown was perfect for swishing and dancing!

The beautiful bride and the happy couple! I love when my customers share pictures. I wish more would!

She had to dye a sweater to match the dress. You wouldn't think it would of been so hard to find a light blue sweater. Go figure!

My completed skirts

I had to make this skirt twice as the first one didn't fit. There was a miscommunication with measurements. My customer was sweet about it and provided me with the fabric and buttons and also some goodies like patterns :) Three of them, can't go wrong with that. You can go here for the inspiration photo.
Yes I even did real pockets in the back. It was probably the toughest thing for me since I never made them before. I searched through my wardrobe for some examples and was really shocked that 98% of my skirts had faux pockets.

For the black and white checked one, I couldn't find the exact fabric so I used a cotton gingham. I would of preferred a seersucker but I couldn't wait for it to be shipped. This skirt is actually cute. I'm not really into modern looks much but this one has a bit of a vintage feel. Keep in mind when looking at these skirts they were custom made for a lady who is 6' tall.

Close up of pocket and the lining which you see peeking out.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good bye my Grace Kelly Dress

It is boxed up and ready to ship. I hope she loves it as much as I loved recreating it. Here is my dream dress That I have no time to make for myself.

On the form with a proper fit:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Off the hanger and on the child size 40s dress

I finally got some great shots from the child size 40's dress. Please visit Hallie Westcott Photography for some more great pictures of her cute little girl.

Monday, October 11, 2010

How cute is this skirt

It has a 50's feel but still modern. This is a skirt that I will be doing real soon. Look close at the hem. It is lined with a sheer black liner and then has a boarder of that fabulous gingham fabric. I just love the loose pockets with the bows!

Dumb me didn't buy this pattern

It was late and I was on the phone with my sister and we were doing what we do best look at patterns on EBay. This one popped up from a seller that she bought a  pattern from. I'm like oh it's so cute blah blah but do I really need another pattern?....but it's buy it now for $7.99. No I have enough patterns, I put in my watch list. Morning comes and that pattern is still in my head so I figure I'm going to buy it. DENIED it was sold and when I actually looked at it, I discovered it was a designer pattern, and the cheapest I found it was for $75.00!!! OUCH...I guess that is how "life as a pattern hoarder goes", "win some, lose some".
Here it is:
Breakfast at Tiffany's? No Breakfast WITHOUT A PATTERN!

Almost done! I hate to let this dress go

It is so lovely just how I envision it. I love it when it happens that way. All I need to do is some final hand sewing, the hem and add the cuffs and my version of the Grace Kelly dress will be done and ready to ship. Tears...some day I will make myself one but I'm having a great time making it for someone else!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A New Wedding Gown to Make

Here comes the nerves...here comes the nerves. I do love to make them though. I have until April for this little dress. Sorry the picture is so small it is the only one I have. It is going to be ivory with the pictured overlay. It is so pretty and dainty. I will be doing a sash with a bow instead of the rouched waistline per customer request. That will be a color taken from the overlay. She is sending me the overlay so I don't know which color I will use until I have it in my hands.

Grace Kelly Reproduction Progress

So I'm moving right along with this dress. I've been dying to make it for a year. I finally gave up on the fact that I would ever have time to make it for myself so I listed on my Etsy store for someone else's pleasure. I may not get the dress but at least I get to make one of my dream dresses. First I messed up with the initial picture I saved. The color of the picture I've had saved for year is a burnt orange but the actual dress that Grace wore was red. No big deal I like the orange better. Because I can't take good picture for the life of me here is a picture of the swatch so you know exactly what color it is. I'm not using black for the cuffs to give it a "Modern Edge", I'm using the faux fur pictured below.
The bodice needs some hand sewing in the front, some sleeves but I'm happy with the cut. I did a the slight v-neck back that I mentioned before and the waist panel. It still needs work. Like maybe take off an inch and half. Better to make it too big than small is what I always say. I also decide with a back zipper because I'm not sure how well a side zipper would work with this kind of bodice and I don't have time for mistakes.
I don't want to hide that beautiful front shape so I'm going to do a slight lower waistline for the skirt. Here it is just pinned. I think I may wrap this up tomorrow. It is weird how some things can go so quickly and others seem to take forever.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Update on projects, I have been too busy to post

I'm now working on the Grace Kelly Reproduction. I'm starting with a muslin pattern because I'm not sure exactly how I want to recreate it. The front view I'm pretty happy with. I don't have a picture of the back view but I'm thinking of a V shape (you can see where I'm folding it) and maybe an panel at the waist line for some line definition. I'm planning on having a side zipper so there will be some nice lines down the back if I add a waist panel. The front has such nice lines I want the back to look just as good. I'm going to do a traditional circle skirt at the bottom but not too poofy I want it to flow but not petticoat style.
Here is the front and back of my mock dress. I can't wait to start putting it all together with the real fabric.

I completed the Snow White costume. This one is the more traditional version instead of the Disneyland version. I can't post pictures because she hasn't received it and I hate to spoil the surprise. Here is the sleeve though. The Disneyland one has strips of blue instead of teardrops. I personally like the teardrops better. I used some of the silk I had from the previous costume for the teardrops.
I finished the DSquare pleated skirt with buttons but, we had a issue miscommunication with measurements so I will making it again. As soon as I get it back I will post a picture of it. Ladies it is important when ordering custom clothing that your measurements are right. If we ask for a bust measurement it is the FULLEST part of your bust, your natural waistline is above your belly button. Your hips should be the FULLEST part of your bottom. I know it's a hard thing to do but if you want it to fit right the measurements have to be right.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Lots of new vintage patterns

I'm too lazy to take pictures but I had to share this cute little pattern of slippers I got at an Estate Sale. Estate Sales make me so sad and they are kind of eerie but they are a great place to get fabric, notions, and patterns. I got 16 patterns most from the 60's a couple from the 50's. Three will be given to my sis since she does more kids clothes than me. Here is the slippers. Yup family that is reading be prepared for your Christmas Presents! For the boys I can make them bigger :)

Friday, October 1, 2010

The eighth time I've made this dress

I have made this dress now in different sizes colors 8 times now! It is really cute. I remember when another dress was really popular and it seemed I made it over and over again. It is my little gingham dress. I think I made once or twice this year. I hate posted the same dress but it is my latest project. I am working on a skirt now that is different. But here are two of my most popular dresses.