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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Uplifting Post...the rounds and other fun stuff

Round 1...
 Round 2...
 Round 3...Sahara pwned Pepper!
Speaking of three. Here is Morpheus (Mastiff), Pepper (Boxer) and we all know and love Sahara the Pug.
I'm feeling bad because I haven't posted any pictures of my girl Sadie my Chocolate Lab....
Do you understand why now...okay just to get the vision out of your head here are so more cute puppy pictures. Seriously I love my girl Sadie and my Black lab Shadow.

Last Day....goal not set upset customers and alterations woes

Wow. I'm tired more like exhausted maybe even a little burnt out. I love to sew but right now I would love NOT to sew. I am two dresses short. I didn't make my goal. I have 19 dresses for May including the two that didn't get done. I am also supposed to get two skirts and a couple of dresses done for some professional photos. I think that will have to wait.

On a good and bad note, I don't have to alter the purple dress. She is just going to return it. She had offered to keep it if I gave her a partical refund of $50.00 to cover the expenses of alterations, but I would still have to add more tulle to the petticoat. I only charged $120.00 for the dress and petticoat. The fabric was $16.00 a yard! Times that by 3 1/2 yards. Not to mention the lining for the petticoat and tulle. I stood my ground on this. I told her there was no way I could do that, and she could return the dress per my polices. I do offer refunds minus 25% to at least cover some of the fabric I purchased. Of course the flaws come out the skirt is uneven, even though when she puts it on it doesn't look uneven. They took out a measuring stick. I told if I measure it and the side seams are uneven I will refund her and not take the 25% or I could send her $30.00 (the 25%) and she could keep the dress and petticoat. She didn't reply so I'm assuming it is being returned. Honestly I'm just happy not to have to alter it. Read on....

Out of the six blue bridesmaid dresses I've only heard from one lady. First she said it didn't fit...said it stayed on but it was still too big. I told her to pin it and send it back and I would take it in. Then I get another message from her and it seems that it isn't really the fit but that she just doesn't like the style of the dress on her. The skirt is too full, it makes her hips look big. Needs to be taken in because it makes her belly look big. I used a universal skirt, meaning except for the length they are all identical. Not a huge amount of fabric or gathering. If you missed out on these dresses click here. They were close enough in size to do this. If it were a issue of too full of skirt the smallest of the girls would of have had the problem of the skirt being too full or too much fabric as she put it. At first I was worried that the larger girls would not have enough gather, but in the end they all looked the same. I guess not with one. I mixed and matched patterns and the pattern itself did not have different sizes. All pieces were the same for all sizes. None of the girls were over a size 14 in pattern sizes.

When I offer to alter a garment it is to size it does not mean to change my design. My brother says I need to watch a show called "Say Yes to That Dress" and I should be more like the designers on there. He says I'm too nice. I'm going to watch it and see what is up. As my fellow seamstresses know there is a lot of work to alter even if it is your own work. Lots to take apart especially if everything is serged. For the blue dresses all visible seams were Frenched seamed. The bodice though...boning, serged and straight stitch. All I can do is take it in for her. I can't change the design...there are 5 others out there. Plus this is the order that I purchased and cut six dresses with a lighter blue fabric and had to redo because the bride said it was a shade too light. How much do I give here?

I think I'm just overwelmed and tired. I love my customers and want to do right by everyone but where do you set your limits?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Day 8, 7, 6, 5 & 4

Wow how the days seem to fly by. I'm not going to make it. I will be two dresses short this month. The dress I thought would end up not working turned out okay. I haven't heard anything so I will assume it was all good. The bow and flower are pendants so she can decide what look she prefers. I like the bow!
 I wasn't sure what to do for the back. I knew a zipper would be a pain with organza so I did a key hole and topped it off with a vintage button. I think Sahara approved.
I always say I want to hear from my customers, but sometimes it is better not too. I received a call about this purple dress and the straps are too long for her. I messed up the sash should of been green. She didn't like the bows :( I liked them. She doesn't like the look of the dress being at the natural waistline. I don't think I can fix that. .
 She wasn't happy with the petticoat and I tried to make it so fun! She is sending it back. I really hate disappointing my customers! I feel so horrible
 Does anyone recognize the pattern I used for this little dress? I have three to make. This one is almost done, another is almost done so one more to go. I will be shipping these out by April 30th! I have another of this same dress and the green dress with bolero. I won't be ruining any weddings with those not meeting my goals. The green dress she needs by the end of May...Oh May stay tuned. I thought April was bad!
 Three days left...maybe I will suprise myself and get one extra one done!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 9

I'm basically done with this dress! Yeah I knew day nine would be a good day. I'm letting it hang overnight prior to hemming. I want to add a couple extras accents to the dress but other than that it is completed. The petticoat under it is not the proper one for the dress...still have to make that.
I am totally in love with the fabric though! I'm also totally in love with my sister's puppy. Here is a picture she sent me. I didn't get to babysit today because my sister knew that I would get nothing done if I had her here. She probably is right.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 10 time is ticking

Here is my color palette. I have the dress cut ready to be sewn tomorrow. I have to do a petticoat with this and not sure if the 4 yards of each color is going to enough. It is tulle not netting. Sometimes I don't think.

I ordered more almost a week ago but because fabric.com had some weird cut of one of my items it delayed my shipping :( They have been bad about this lately and refunds too. It has been over a month and I have not been refunded for a cancelled order and a out of stock item. Now there are three! I've e-mailed and called! Get it together fabric.com! Sorry I'm stressing here! As all that read my blog know they are my primary source of fabric and they are bringing me down in my time of need.

I've been dying to use this fabric. It is from fabric.com and it is call Radiance Cotton/Silk Poplin Violet 55% cotton 45% silk. Gorgeous! $15.98 a yard gorgeous! I also purchased the matching tulle there. The fun stuff I found at Joanne's.
I also got the honor of babysitting Sahara. Such a little doll! Look at that little tum tum!
I have a feeling day 9 is going to be a good day...the count down continues!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 12 & 11

I didn't get a chance to to put up anything for day 14. Here it is and today day 15 is complete. I'm shipping it tomorrow. I will post the final pictures after she receives it. It looks like a mess but it actually turned out!
I lost a follower today. Am I that boring :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 13

It is 8:35 pm here. No I didn't finish. I did 3/4 of the lining. The picture shows the ugly side. I underlined the bodice with muslin but the lining itself is posh for the skirt and shantung for the bodice. I'm struggling with the overlay. I still have to add sleeves but it just isn't laying right on the form. I've taken it in some but now I'm afraid too much. I may have to start over because I did French seams and cut it. Just the side seams aren't working right. I have a little give in the bust area hopefully a tighter seam will work.
I'm really exhausted and really just want to cry.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Day 14

Thank you Empress Nina! She saved me a trip to the fabric store for a zipper. I shortened the 20"-22" I had in stock for the dress. Dress is complete and shipping to Australia tomorrow.

So for Day 14 I am almost done cutting my next dress. I just need to cut the lining for the skirt, a bow and flower. I told the bride to be I would make two pendants one of a bow and one of a flower because she couldn't decide what she wanted for the accent.
It amazes me that that little pile is going to be a dress! It sure would be nice to get it completed tomorrow but I seriously doubt it. I have another one of these green dress to make this month! The dress is a champagne color and for the life of me I could not find a champagne colored chiffon. I'm going to use organza because that is what matched the fabric the best. Joanne's Casa collection had some but it looked to brown to me. The organza will give it some shimmer with the swish of the taffeta.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Day 15

I should of been done with this dress, but NO I don't have a zipper. I have a 14" one and a 20"-22" one. I need either a 16" or a 18". I hate zippers. I thought a 14" would work but it is just too short. You'd think with amount of times I made this dress I would remember what size zipper to use. So tomorrow I have to waste an hour of my day going to the fabric store!
I need to put the zipper in, add the velvet bow, sew the back and hem. The bolero needs to be serged in the inside, add the button and hem the sleeves. I will meet my goal of shipping this on Monday. Hopefully I will at least cut my next dress on Day 14. The little black dress from this post. Stay tuned tomorrow for Day 14. One almost done 7 more to go!

Another for my Pattern Hoarding I mean collection

I keep saying no more patterns...then I go on E-Bay. How could I resist this? It is Vogue Original Design Dessin Original DE 1960.
I love the drape on the skirt. I found this beautiful fabric at my local quilt shop that I want to use. This is for myself...yeah right. How many have a I purchased to make for myself. Or maybe should I say how many have I made for myself.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Pug Alert! My sister's new puppy!

Yes I'm going to torment you with pictures! My sister got a puppy for her birthday. Her name is Sahara. So freaking cute! She is 9 weeks old! I want a little puppy. I have labs and the bigger they are the cuter they ain't. Just kidding love my dogs and also Pepper and Morpheus. Pepper is the boxer in one of the pictures below. Yeah I got her the statue...my mom and one of my brothers got her the real thing.
It's sleepy time
 Still sleeping. Oh oh Pepper will take care of that!
 Some play time. Sure glad that isn't my hair!
Ok enough pictures already...No really enough!

Meet Audrey, Marilyn and Jayne my three dress forms

My sister found me a great deal on a plus size dress form. It is Twin Fit by Dritz. I purchased it for about $160.00 including shipping. I had a $5.00 off coupon from Sew Vac Direct
Some specs on my largest form:
Bust: 48" - 54"
Waist: 41" - 47"
Hips: 51" - 57"
Back Waist Length: 17" - 19"
Neck: 16"+

Honestly I am not happy with Marilyn (the red one) I use it a lot and sometimes the plastic on the top pops out if I make it to it's fullest size. It always slides down on me too. I like to keep my forms about my height so it's easier to work with the garments. I'm am so happy to make this investment. No more stuffing Marilyn! I do recommend the Dritz though!

Tools of the trade a Ham

So my new favorite tool is a tailor's ham. I wonder where that name came from. Why I have not purchased one before I don't know. It is right up there with my seam ripper! I make so many strapless or curved bodices and this little ham gives me some real flat seams without all the work. I bought a pattern to make one but got this on sale for 1/2 off so I went for it.

It's all ready for the casings for the boning. Slick and quick. I made a rhyme!

16 Days 8 More Dresses to Make

I have 16 days this month and 8 dresses to go. Will I make it? Here are the six bridesmaid dresses. I swear it was like moving in slow motion with these. Major set back! What are the odds that all six of these dresses are going to fit? I guess I find out in a couple of days.