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Monday, September 19, 2011

My first maternity dress

I'm finally done with the five dark purple bridesmaid dresses. We had to wait until the last minute for the maternity dress. This is the first maternity dress I've made. She was concerned about standing out too much, but I think the dress next to the others is going to look wonderful. Plus she is just going to shine as all mothers to be do.
The first pictures I posted of these dresses did not have the roses. They all do now. I still like the twisted detail though, but it will give brides options to the look they prefer.

It has been an up and down August and mid September. Happy customers, unhappy customers etc. I'm still very behind, but hope to meet my dates. I have four dresses to complete by the end of the month. I did put my shop in vacation mode, but the day I did I was in Etsy Finds! I was so happy! In the three years I've been on Etsy this was my first time in their finds. I had no choice but to open my shop back up. You can't beat promotion like that! I made it to the front page once, back in 2009. It was not a dress but a computer mouse cover. I didn't figure out that I even was until a year later :)

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  1. Love the color and style of the dresses. The rose is a nice detail and adds such a lovely feminine touch. The style works equally as well in the regular and maternity options. You've created more beautiful dresses. Just when you thought it was safe to focus solely on your present orders, you end up having to open the shop again. Maybe the timing isn't quite right, but when is it ever perfect...that's the way of life! The best thing is you are crafting gorgeous dresses, have a viable online shop, and increasing your clientele base.