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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Can you say 3rd time is a charm?

I'm so behind on schedule. Why do you ask, because I had to make a pretty elaborate dress three times. Yes three times!!!

The first one I made with a stretch satin. It draped so beautifully, but when I put it on the form it was too small and there was nothing I could do but redo the entire gown. The gown pictured is unfinished. The second dress I used a satin and the way I did the lining it did not drape as nicely as I wanted it to.

Another thing i was not impress with the second one is the zipper. It bunched and curled a bit, but on a person it did not. So why did this dress not work out? It was a fabric flaw that I did not notice. Tiny purple ink marks. Imagine my horrification when I was contacted by my customer that there were marks on the dress. I immediately apologized up and down and told her I would make her another and to sweeten the deal I would use a Radiance Silk that I love from fabric.com. I also asked her if she would prefer a button up back and she was thrilled with that idea. Here is the back of the two dresses.
 Here is the final dress, I redesigned the lining so it kept the beautiful drape. She was very happy with the end results. I am happy that she is happy, but now have one unfinished dress and one dress I'm hoping a dry cleaner will be able to get the ink spots out.  I'm not going to say where I received the fabric, but I'm not very happy about it. I looked over my remnants and found more purple ink spots on them. Very tiny and my lighting really sucks at my house.

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  1. All the versions look really good, how annoying that one had ink spots!