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Saturday, July 7, 2012

1930's Inspired Red Dress

Special thanks to Ron at Seattle Photography http://www.ronseattlephotography.com/ and model Vanessa Johnston for allowing me to use these beautiful pictures. This dress turned out so beautifully. I truly loved making it. I've made it four times now. I used Kaufman's radiance silk with this version. You can read my previous post about it here. It has just taken me this long to update my blog.
 Stay tuned for my next project which is going to a reproduction of Marylin Monroe's wedding gown. Some modifications are going to be done, but I will be keeping the aesthetic of the gown.



  1. they are just lovely. I love the sexy red color! And in the snowy background. Perfect.

  2. Gorgeous dress, great to see your dresses on the models and I cannot wait for the Marilyn wedding dress.

  3. This red dress is an absolutely stunning creation!

    Loving your blog,

  4. just wow :)