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Thursday, March 12, 2009

A little hope for the declining economy

On March 4th after the company I worked for already stopped matching our 401k it was e-mailed to all employees that there would be a pay freeze, no overtime paid and a company wide 10% deduction in pay effective Monday March 9th.

For myself that works pay day to pay day this was detrimental. My only option was to try to find a new job that either paid what I made before the cut or even start at the 10% cut in hopes that after 90 days I would be making what I was making. On Sunday the 7th I put in my resume and on Wednesday the 11th I was called to schedule an interview. I made it for the following day at 1 pm and by 3:30 pm I was offered the job at more than I was making before the pay cut!

I'm so happy right now and was hoping to share my happiness and tell people that there is hope keep plugging away. My company even though they cut benefits and pay are still hiring! Cutting corners using the "Economy" for an excuse. I understand cut backs when it's needed but you don't hire high dollar people in a company if you have taken other employees pay! I'm going to give this company the same courtesy they gave to me...a e-mail stating that due to the "Economy" I cannot live with a 10% pay cut for two weeks so please accept my 1 week resignation. I start my new job on March 24!

Every day I notice more job postings so keep your head up high it's going to get better

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