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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I made the front page of Etsy! Of course someone has to bring you down

I made the front page of Etsy I think it was on Nov. 6th, I was so happy and excited about it since I've only been on the FB once back in 2009, for a computer mouse thing I made. Sure enough three days later I get an e-mail from Etsy telling me my items and tags are not within the rules of Etsy. Of course they don't let you know what listing they are talking about so you frantically try to figure out what is wrong. I had a feeling it would be the listing that just made the front page and I was right. It seems and this of course is a case by case basis but if you use an inspiration photo it is not supposed to be the first thumbnail. I had a picture of Grace Kelly you can see below as my inspiration photo next to it my version of the dress:
Without getting into all the details I was basically told this when I said I never seen anything in the TOU about the inspiration photo not being allowed as the first picture:

Since it isn't an example of your actual work in the first thumbnail, it violates this policy. Listing descriptions and photos must accurately describe the item for sale so buyers know what is included in the purchase. Technically, all photos are supposed to be of the item, but we allow some other photos in certain cases, within reason.

I don't mind taking off the picture of Grace Kelly, but it was a pretty sharp stab in the gut, unless I took it wrong that Etsy is basically saying my listing is not as described, that it does not look like the dress that it was "Inspired" from and not reasonable to compare the two dresses.

So heads up anyone that uses "Inspirational Photos", you may get flagged and you can count on getting flagged if you start showing any kind of success because that is just the way some users on Etsy are. Also to Etsy if I was against the TOU I should never have been allowed on the front page. You may also check out your Etsy Finds as I see a violation in it right now a picture of a pattern, never made...oh I forgot it is a case by case basis. BTW I am not flagging the user in the Finds, I hope the shop gets lots of views and a sale from it! Okay my vent over....

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