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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Eco Friendly 1950's Wedding Gown

Thank you to my wonderful customer below for sharing your day with me. Photos were taken by Linda Wildemann. This was my Eco Friendly Hemp dress. The tie on the groom was made from the same fabric of the dress. What a wonderful picture. Thanks so much for allowing me to share them
I'm still putting my 21 dresses, 19 in perspective. As I say I love what I do. Then I think... Will I have some stressful times? Will I encounter more dishonest people? Will I have people not completely happy? Yes I will....that is life, but the ones that I've made happy are worth the small amount of negativity. I had a follower e-mail me with some great suggestions. The first being raise my prices and lessen my work load. This is some sound advice! I really appreciated her taking the time to contact me.


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