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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Imagine this dress in pale pink satin and chiffon

This a custom request I received a while ago. I've been itching to start, but have to keep to my schedule. Something about doing something new always excites me. I have already sent out fabric swatches and the dress is going to be a pale pink.


  1. Look forward to seeing your finished rendition of this beautiful dress. I am sure once you finish it and post the pictures, it will become a favorite requested item in your store.You always create such gorgeous dresses -- you are a true inspiration to us in the sewing world.I love that you are detail orientated, and use work around solutions when you don't have the exact materials, laces or techniques to finish your garments. I am glad your are posting on a regular basis.

  2. Thank you learningnewtricks and thank you for the previous comments in another post. You are right about giving attention to the negative so I decided to remove the entire post.

    I really appreciate you and the others support and going to concentrate on what I love doing.

  3. Your dresses are always a pleaure is see.

  4. Pink colour is my favourite colour. I have most of outfit of this colour. You allot wonderful dress. Its look so pretty and amazing.

    Peter Pilotto

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