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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Oh Edith Head why did you make so many lovely dresses

I know a lot  you are like me and have dream dresses you want to recreate. One of mine that I have not had the honor to be able to is by Edith Head, from Roman Holiday. These dresses are always in the back of my head. With a lot of 1950's styles I look at the 1980's patterns as I have mentioned before.
The 80's pattern that I believe will work "almost" perfectly for this beautiful gown is McCalls 7514. The collar which is the focal point of this dress is almost perfect (see view C). The bodice can easily be shorten so not to have the v shape. When cutting the skirt section you would just have to round it off. I own this pattern and it has the v shape in the front and back. Minor changes and you can get this pattern pretty cheap!

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