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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Next projects in the works

If you read my New Year's Goals you know I be making two dress for a professional photographer. I just completed a beautiful silk dress but won't be able to post it until February sometime so she sees it first. Tonight I will be finishing up a red petticoat for Sew Retro's giveaway.

This little dress is being made for a twelve year old. She dances and I think her & her mom picked out the greatest fabric. It is from fabric.com CU-201 The dress will have the red contrast pieces.
I love Laren Bacall and am shocked that from what I've seen no shop on Etsy offer some of the dresses she wore. For dress I'm creating it is going to be floor length but a striking red instead of the white. Again fabric.com BOX-070
I need to recreate this skirt which I know is going to be a pain unless some can tell me of a pattern for it:
I will be making the faux fur dress again but without the faux fur and also will be using the bodice from this Vogue pattern. Thanks again Chrissy for selling it to me. When I get some time I do want to make that dress exactly like the pattern...well I don't want the bow. Neither did my customer. So imagine this pattern combined with this skirt with no bow. I think it is going to look great! I got some faille fabric from can you guess? Yup fabric.com DI-559 I can not recommend this fabric enough.

I also have a surprise order...which I will give all the details when it is completed. 

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