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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Such a pretty dress too bad it didn't fit my YOU Dress

Hate it hate it hate it...This was for one of my favorite customers. The YOU Dress. It is so pretty but it did not fit. Of course I'm going to either remake this for her, refund or make something entirely different if she prefers. I'm sharing it anyways because one I'm not perfect and two it is a really pretty dress. The dress itself is a lilac and the overlay came from fabric.com. It is called watercolor chiffon and it has actual paint on it. So dainty and pretty. The green mixed with the lilac gave it almost a pink hue.
 Bodice detail


  1. What a shame that it didn't fit, it is such a dainty dress. Beautiful fabric combination.

  2. On a good note I think it will fit my sister. I will give it to her if she likes it. Thanks Molly!

  3. So pretty! Your sister will feel like a princess in it.

  4. Well I'm going to make her model it for me too!