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Sunday, January 23, 2011

A remnant a vintage pattern

I have less then a yard of this cute black and white floral pattern cotton fabric.

My goal is to whip out three of my orders and before doing another actually make something for myself with this vintage pattern Advance 6265. The pattern is more formal but I'm thinking a summer dress. I think I may add halter straps and shorten the skirt to just below the knee. The skirt is really a overskirt but I'm just going to attach it so it is a full dress. I love the detail and lines of the bodice.
I'm not sure if I will go with a pure white skirt or black skirt. More than likely black since I always have a hard time getting out of my box with with colors. Unless it is for someone else of course. Maybe white with black chiffon over it? What do you think? Then again maybe I will rummage through some of my many vintage patterns and select something totally different. lol Decisions decisions.


  1. Wow, this will make a gorgeous summer dress...can't wait to see it!

  2. Three more dresses and I can start on it!