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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bridesmaids & Wedding Days

I will be shipping these two dresses for a couple of bridesmaids. It is always scary doing bridesmaid dresses. You always have the chance that it will fit one and not the other. I am sending extra fabric along just in case either of them need any alterations. They are going to the UK and France and there would be no time with shipping to go back and forth for any adjustments. I love this dress. Numerous patterns from McCall's, New Look and See and Sew have this cut. The one on the mannequin may look funny because it is pinned to it.
I used a Rayon Satin fabric from fabric.com. They requested a breathable light fabric for the hot France summer. I must say the fabric is pretty. The color gorgeous but it was sucking my will to live working with it. Hard to iron, hard to pin, hard to keep it from slipping under the machine. Had a heck of time finding zippers to match I ended up finding some at Create For Less. I needed two but had to buy a minimum of 6 so now I have 4 extra coral pink 14" zippers if you need this color contact me I will be more than happy to share. As a extra gift to the bride she will be receiving a tie and 4 cravats made with the same fabric. Don't get me started again!

I'm also finishing up this cute little dress that my customer is wearing to a 50's themed wedding. It  does not have a zipper in and it hasn't been hemmed yet but I'm so excited on how cute it turned out I wanted to share. I used a light pink polka dot cotton fabric for the dress. It has a built in two tier petticoat that I made out of organza. It is a twirler.
I used four different patterns to create this look. Got to use a vintage one for the petticoat! McCall's 6332. I had  to add some length but it is perfect for petticoats and also has a petticoat included. Very cute pattern!

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