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Friday, October 28, 2011

Can't fathom how this happened

I'm working on dress one! I have a lot of it assembled and am ready to put a zipper in. I put it on my form one last time to make sure of fit and the skirt and overlay don't match! I know a lot has to do with the weight of the beaded overlay, but 4" worth!
How to fix this? There are a total of 7 godets on this dress. 6 have been sewn. Is is possible to undo the bodice and take it up? No you lose all the curves of the skirt. If I trim the bottom I lose the effect of the godets. Here are a couple pictures so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about. The second one I pinned up to line up to the skirt more. Yes it is time for Ms. Seam-Ripper. I will take out the godets and trim the overlay four inches, then reapply the godets, slitting more to fit. I am very nervous as this fabric is no longer available and I have none left to fix an error. 
 Any pointers so I don't do this again would be appreciated.

This dress is being made from McCall's 4714, what is amazing is the beaded overlay was purchased from Vogue fabrics and it is the fabric from the actual picture on the pattern! The godet fabric was out of stock, but I love what I found to substitute it. The dress is being made of silk and if I get over these little bumps it is going to be one gorgeous dress! With this picture you can really tell why I can't just cut the bottom of the dress.


  1. Good luck with it!
    It really is a great dress!

  2. This is a stunning dress. I hope it all works out for you.

  3. That's very cool that you are using the same fabric as the pattern! The dress is gorgeous so far! Good luck with the godets!