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Monday, May 24, 2010

Exciting New Project For Me

I get to make one of my dream dresses well with some modifications of course. This will be another wedding dress inspired by Audrey Hepburn from the movie Funny Face and also the picture next to it.
Basically the lady I'm doing this for wants Audrey's skirt and the bodice of the yellow dress. Here is the sketch I came up with for her. There will be a pink petticoat underneath. The bodice will be attached at the natural waistline instead of like Audrey's. Let's face it not many women can pull off that! The sleeves will be below the elbows instead of how I did the sketch and yes she will be wearing the converse!
I'm going to start by making a mock gown out of muslin. I have already purchased it as you will see in the below pictures.
Well unfortunately today was a FAIL. See how gathered and pretty the first picture is then you look at the one on the dress from and it is way too big. Not enough gathering, a disaster! I'm out of muslin so I will pick this up again tomorrow and try again. I did manage to get better gathering by putting an elastic casing on the side seam. I only did the one side to test it and I think it is going to work out as soon as I get the neckline smaller without being to low cut. Tomorrow I'm also going to get enough fabric to actually make it with the lining because that is going to make a big difference on how it lays.

The skirt was easy enough. Just cut three pieces of about a yard each. One for the center and two backs. That is three yards of skirt gathered to a small waist! The length is 33" which maybe shortened. I hope not lengthened since it's been cut. If it is not full enough I can always add more to the skirt.

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