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Monday, May 3, 2010

My latest custom order

Haven't had to a chance to work on my dress. I've been getting orders which is a great thing. This dress was sucking my will to live. Everything went wrong with it! The worst thing I did was hand sew the waistband to the liner! Talk about hours of work done the drain.

The finished dress was worth it because it is very stunning. Below are some pictures of it.

The rhinestone trim is fusible. Something new but I felt it was better just to sew it on. The fabric is called Liquid Slinky Ocean Blue. It is so beautiful. It is a stretch knit. Not the funiest to work with but the greatest thing about it is it is wrinkle free! No ironing! Here is a close up of the bodice and back view:

The dress was actually supposed to have a drape but the lady who bought it asked for me to shorten it. She's a tiny little thing 5'1". I hope it fits her and that she is happy with it. After all the hours I put into the dress I will be devasted if it does not work out!


  1. This looks fantastic! I found your site through a pattern review site and I am having some of what seems to be the same problems with the skirt part of the pattern. Can you give me some tips for steps 36 and 37? 37 says to match centers and symbols but there are none on the pattern piece (7 - skirt) to match to the waistband. What am I supposed to be doing here?


  2. The skirt piece 7 doesnt actually attach to the waist band, the whole skirt opens out and you just attach piece 6 to the waistband. The whole skirt hangs down in one piece with the seem going around the middle of the skirt piece. Not too sure how you do the side as it comes up higher than on the picture so still working that one out. Hope that helps

  3. I matched the symbols twice and twice had to take it apart.

    I finally just laid the top of the skirt and the lower piece and matched it with the side slit.

    If you do this then you won't have the side coming up higher than it is supposed to.

  4. Hello Eleen
    from what i read you had problems with the bottom part of dress I am having really hard time with top...can you please help describing how did you attached the straps in the back?

  5. Daniela you just attach the straps to the waistband prior to sewing the side seams.