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Friday, May 28, 2010

A new gown in the making

Ever have something in your head then when it's laid out you start getting self doubt. I love how this dress is coming about but now I think I'm taking the godets out and using the darker gray. The lighter gray was more transparent they are both gun metal grey chiffon but it don't look right! The bodice half may look black but it is a real dark gray. I'm going take out the godets and have them match the bodice. Oh yeah and I'm back to my old ways with dark colors. Give me a little break though I did make happy butterflies with green and yellow!

Next dilemma my half gray and half red bodice. Should I have used red on one strap and gray on the other. Here is a comparison.

I think I like it with gray not the mix and match. Don't you love the peek a boo. It's on the sides too. Here is a glimpse of the side and the back. Still have lots of work but this is a cool gown if I do say so myself!

I took the godets out and match them to the darker gray. I am almost done just need to put a zipper in an maybe stitch where the openings are. I may also put some trim around the bodice not sure. Have to wait and show my sister to get her opinion. I can't wait to see what it looks like on. Hopefully I will post some more pictures tomorrow.

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