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Friday, May 21, 2010

Wedding Day Blues Springtime Gown

Ok so maybe I'm feeling sorry for myself but losing my job really sucks and with my finance also not working I doubt if we will keep our September date. I'm caught up on my custom orders but when I went to pick up my dress I didn't feel the move to work on it quite yet. So I decided to try to cheer myself up and go to the fabric store. My goal was to go outside my box I tend to go for dark colors. I would find happy fun spring colors and make a remarkable gown.

I've been working on this for three days. The fabric Green Grass Satin, lining yellow baroque satin and the blue green butterflies. Can't get more springy than this.

The Fabric
Here is the dress kind of blah right now:
The lining front and back
I had to serge it way before needed as this fabric frays a bit but it is still a lot prettier than traditional lining. Obviously you will not see this part of the dress when it is finished. You won't even see it when you look into the dress. You could almost turn the dress inside out and have a yellow dress if I used a reversible zipper.

A little tip when working with boning. (that don't sound right) Do not follow "Use a zipper foot" instructions the easiest thing is to either make your own casing with bias tape or cut your pieces like I did and take out the boning. I serged the bottom of each piece then sewed it to the lining. It lays nice and flat and if you follow the stitch lines of the casing you will have no problem putting the boning in its case. Also the casing needs to be centered to the seams not lined up.

Alot of gathering and serging on the seams top and bottom. This is a bolt of fabric!

I have laid the pieces on my dress form. It needs something else. I got fabulous fabric choices but it still doesn't grab me. I have something in mind so stay tuned!

5-21-10 2:01 pm
Here is more pictures of my progress. I pinned the butterfly fabric to the lining and sewed it. The picture doesn't show it but it has also been hemmed. The lining and butterflies are ready to go!

Here is a sneek peek of the dress over the lining front and back views. Pretty Craptacular! Boring topline. Going to have to work on it.

Well something needed to be done with the bodice so I made three layers of tucks to give it some texture:


  1. Wow your gown is coming along beautifully.

  2. Beautiful gown! Lucky Girl! Thank you so much for sharing all these helpful ideas and the progress in pics. That's a big time investment.

  3. Really like this dress!! You did a fantastic job on it....now to convince my teen....