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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Got them bodice blues

So yesterday disaster is the past. A new day a new beginning. I scrapped the muslin mess I made and restarted with some extra cotton I found. I bought a little more so when the mock dress was finished it would all match.

Not as much progress as I hoped but now that I got my pieces together I think the rest should go smoothly.

Different cut alleviated the draping mess from yesterday. First picture just pinned to the form second some stitching complete.

Oh oh bodice looks good right? Well I happened to come across another picture of this dress and the bodice will work but I needed to do some adjusting to the sleeves. The dress is off the shoulders more than I seen in the previous picture. I fixed the left side but have to take out the right side so it lays a more off the shoulder. Minor adjustments to the sleeves. My next step is to add some more gathering which I think I'm going to use the casing & elastic trick as it seems to be better than just a long stitch gather.
It's really coming along. I'm happy with it!

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