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Monday, August 2, 2010

Watch out Disney there is a new Snow White coming to town!

Wow wow wow! It is almost completed now. I didn't expect my replacement fabric until tomorrow but got it today. I just need to hem the skirt and lining, hand stitch the waistband and put on a hook and eye to the skirt.

The bodice was a horrible experience. The fabric is so soft and beautiful but it is very unforgiving. I tried to put seam binding at the bottom to stiffen it up, but that only helped some what. I ended up putting boning at the bottom of the bodice as well. Gives it a nice shape. If I ever make this again I am going to use a premium cotton for the lining instead of your standard silky lining. I think it would helped stabilize the velvet without so much work.

Here it is with and without the cape.
I added some netting to the sleeves to give it some poof. It is fully lined so the scratchy netting won't hit the skin. The silk is wonderful but not stiff enough. No one wants to spend the day adjusting the sleeves to keep the poofiness.