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Monday, July 11, 2011

Audrey Hepburn Funny Face Wedding Gown Complete

It is boxed up and ready to ship. I took everything in me not to try on the dress for a twirl! This was so much fun to create even with the little hiccups. I hate putting zippers on slitted skirts. I have a hard enough time with regular zippers.
I sure hope she shares some pictures! Here is Audrey in all her beauty I morphed my version of the dress in the picture. I should try making a veil sometime.


  1. Wow, I lurk on your blog and get amazed at the amazing reproductions you make. You do a fabulous job. I'm sorry about your loss (old brother machine) but boy did you get your money's worth! I love your work!

  2. Wow - this is so beautiful! I am amazed at your work - I could never pick up the sewing thing very well:( Following you now, so I can see what else you make!
    Found you via etsy's blog team:)

  3. Thanks guys. I still miss my brother and though I do like my new machine, I actually repaired a zipper on two sleeping bags with it today I may just get another LS-2125.