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Monday, July 4, 2011

Out of my element but had to make

I love the 50's styles as everyone knows but I also love the 60's. This dress I would date about 1968 or 69 because of the Mopar Super Bee. I love classic cars especially Mopars. My brother sent me this picture from a old magazine and he thought I should make it. Look at that hair! Love it and wish I could get that bump. Don't laugh but I actually own the "As seen on TV Bump It". It actually works. My hair is fine so I can't keep the bumps in my hair but I use them to shape my hair to get that sexy bump. Lots of hairspray. OK back to sewing...
I've been working some bugs out and still not complete but here is what I have so far. It will look better when it is done I promise! She wants it really short. I will be taking off at least 2 inches off the dress. I used a stretch sateen for the fabric.
 I got the reproduction patch on Ebay. Not exact but pretty close.

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