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Monday, July 4, 2011

My Brother LS-2125 RIP my friend

Yes it is a basic machine. A Walmart special under $100.00, but it has been my friend and has helped me make over 100 dresses since 2004. A couple of weeks ago it died. I was so heartbroken. You get use to your machine and now I'm getting use to a new machine. I dream of making a quilt so I purchase a Brother SQ-9000 FS. I've made 1 1/2 dresses with it so far. I do recommend the Brother LS-2125 for those who want to try sewing but don't want to spend a lot. The pink is the SQ-9000 FS and the blue is my long lasting friend.

It was refurbished but by the factory. The only thing I didn't receive with it was the CD instructions. I was lucky to get the optional feet with it. Most refurbished machines don't include these.

Honestly for my sewing machine I pretty much use it for straight stitching and zippers. So I never thought to purchase a high end machine. I have older sergers an Elna and RICCAR that if I lost those I think I would be more heartbroken than my cheap little brother machine.

The salesman was shocked that my LS-2125 lasted so long. I certainly put it to work.


  1. RIP Brother sewing machine! You were well used, I'm sure!

  2. OH NO!!! Goodbye brother. lol. You sewed the hell out of it. Sewed it into the ground! Haha, you must be so proud! :D

  3. PS I finally wore my green dress to my brother's wedding. It is on my facebook site.

  4. I am a little proud thanks Racheal and everyone for their comments.

    I'm going to have to get that Facebook. I think I am missing out on lots of stuff!

  5. Love my Brother machine. Owned it since 1980! First thing I bought with my NEW credit card. I have had the best luck with it! Made so many clothes, wedding dresses, quilts, etc. Gotta Love The Brother machines!

  6. My sympathies for the demise of your Brother, I felt much the same when mine became too poorly to function. We'd been together since 2006 and although another basic machine,Brother XL-2230, it had dealt with anything I asked of it without complaint, even thick faux fur, my little workhorse. I hope your new machine proves a happy new companion!

  7. I love how we all get attached to our machines! I'm still getting use to my new one. It does so many things on it's own and I'm use to having the wheel so to speak.

    I even had my sister come over to show me how to make the automatic button holes.