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Thursday, October 27, 2011

21 Dress and it just maybe it....

It has been a rough three months for me and I'm going to take the time it takes to make my 21 paid dresses to make a hard decision to stop designing for others. These last three months have put me over the edge. Of course I have had some happy wonderful customers, but sometimes the bad really out weighs the good.

Join me in my count down of 21 dresses and see what the future brings. I will never give up my designs, but maybe like a lot of other seamstresses out there I will have one heck of a wardrobe! These two dresses are not a part of the 21, but I thought I would share them anyways.
This is another dress I just finished last week or so.


  1. These are fabulous and it's so sad that you are giving up designing for others. I guess you've just got to do what makes you happy though and as you sadi, it could be a great time to concentrate on sewing for yourself more!

    Good luck with the 21 dresses, I'll be watching closely!

  2. That is sad, but people can be such jerks sometimes... I don't think I could sew for people. Enjoy your own awesome wardrobe!