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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Brown & Pink Retro Style Dress

I still need to make a belt but the dress and bolero are complete. I edged the skirt, arm bands and made a bow with some real cute pink and brown polka dots trim. The bolero is reversible. My customer is busty and is concerned about falling out of a strapless. The bodice is boned, lined and underlined with the best stabilizer...wool. She will be able to wear this without a bra! I fully lined the whole dress with the same great cotton fabric that is stiff but still soft. Look at the flare! There is no petticoat underneath, it just has a nice flare on it's own. I will take better pictures tomorrow with the belt. It has to ship tomorrow too, but a belt shouldn't take very long. I need to get some more supplies so I don't have to take extra trips :)
Bodice and hem detail
The pink side