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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My completed skirts

I had to make this skirt twice as the first one didn't fit. There was a miscommunication with measurements. My customer was sweet about it and provided me with the fabric and buttons and also some goodies like patterns :) Three of them, can't go wrong with that. You can go here for the inspiration photo.
Yes I even did real pockets in the back. It was probably the toughest thing for me since I never made them before. I searched through my wardrobe for some examples and was really shocked that 98% of my skirts had faux pockets.

For the black and white checked one, I couldn't find the exact fabric so I used a cotton gingham. I would of preferred a seersucker but I couldn't wait for it to be shipped. This skirt is actually cute. I'm not really into modern looks much but this one has a bit of a vintage feel. Keep in mind when looking at these skirts they were custom made for a lady who is 6' tall.

Close up of pocket and the lining which you see peeking out.


  1. AH! I love the black and white checkered one!!!

  2. I love the last skirt, I like the detail of the biastape in the lining!

  3. Next time I make it I'm going to use seersucker instead. The cotton was a bit stiff and I think it need to flow a little more.

    Thanks for your comments!