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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Grace Kelly Reproduction Progress

So I'm moving right along with this dress. I've been dying to make it for a year. I finally gave up on the fact that I would ever have time to make it for myself so I listed on my Etsy store for someone else's pleasure. I may not get the dress but at least I get to make one of my dream dresses. First I messed up with the initial picture I saved. The color of the picture I've had saved for year is a burnt orange but the actual dress that Grace wore was red. No big deal I like the orange better. Because I can't take good picture for the life of me here is a picture of the swatch so you know exactly what color it is. I'm not using black for the cuffs to give it a "Modern Edge", I'm using the faux fur pictured below.
The bodice needs some hand sewing in the front, some sleeves but I'm happy with the cut. I did a the slight v-neck back that I mentioned before and the waist panel. It still needs work. Like maybe take off an inch and half. Better to make it too big than small is what I always say. I also decide with a back zipper because I'm not sure how well a side zipper would work with this kind of bodice and I don't have time for mistakes.
I don't want to hide that beautiful front shape so I'm going to do a slight lower waistline for the skirt. Here it is just pinned. I think I may wrap this up tomorrow. It is weird how some things can go so quickly and others seem to take forever.


  1. This is looking great, can't wait to see it finished!

  2. Thanks Marie. It is going to be hard to part from.