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Friday, October 22, 2010

Cute little petticoat

I wish I got to make this cute little dress from Melaniegail Etsy Shop, but I did get to make the petticoat to go under it. I added some small ribbon at the bottom just in case it peeks through. Here is the dress and petticoat.


  1. I like that petticoat, I did one but it's awfull I need to do another one and this looks not so difficult to make.

  2. This style is really simple to make. Adding the ribbon at the bottom takes some time but it is two rectangle shapes. I take the netting and measure how long I want it and just cut it straight across.

    The waist band I like to go a little over the hip.

    When I attach it to the netting panels I go from the wrong side to then flip the seam towards the skirt so the netting is off the legs. I then stitch ribbon on top of it for a nice finish.

    Obviously the more strips you attach the fuller it it gets.