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Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's a nice day for a white wedding

It amazes me with the amount of wedding gowns I have created that this is only my second white gown. The biggest hurdle to get over is the bodice. Especially when there is a lot of ruching. I never get the pieces right the first time and it is frustrating. They have to be perfect or it will bunch the base of the bodice and mess up the fit. It is only pinned to the form. I also pinned some beading that I'm going to hand sew at the lower edge of the bust line.
The skirt I'm going to experiment with. I want to do a circle skirt then us a vintage pattern overlay for the tulle. If it works like I think it is going to this gown is going to be stunning. I got feed back from my latest gown the Vogue Lace one and I cannot not tell you how much it meant to me. This is what she said:

"Oh Dawn its soooooo beautiful! Its like you plucked my dream out from my head and sewed it together with fabric made of angel wings! Thank you so so so much"

I hope when my client gets this dress she feels the same! I do have the most wonderful customers! I thank you everyone even when things go amiss they always seem to work out in the end except on very rare occasions.


  1. Sweetheart! I feel for you.
    have you considered bribing the bride into self covered buttons and loops? I have replaced zips with these a few times, You can see an example on http://mammafairysews.blogspot.com/- my daughters prom dress in blue and cream.
    So much more special than a zip- though fiddly too.
    your dress looks gorgeous though!

  2. Thanks mamma! I just checked out your blog and the buttons do look beautiful!