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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A little break from green dresses

I had to put the green dress aside. One I started early because I did not have my next order's measurements, but the main reason is when you are struggling with something it is best if you can to set it aside so you get a new light on the project.

This next dress is a new design. Here is a sneak peek at the bodice. I have to make three roses which will go in the middle. It will also have spaghetti straps (adjustable of course). The skirt is going to have pleats instead of gathering and the lining is going to have a netting ruffle for a little swish when they walk. I have 5 to make.
The dress is a deep plum. Gorgeous color selection and the ruffle netting is grey. I believe they are wearing red shoes with the dresses. I have a lot more done than the bodice. The lining is done and the skirt is attached to the bodice. I'm working on the straps right now and soon it will be flowers, zipper and hem!

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