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Thursday, August 25, 2011

We all have them....UNCUT PATTERNS

For those that follow my blog you know I am addicted to patterns. I have what me and my sister refer to as "uncut patterns". You know the ones you buy just because you love the look of them, but sit in your pattern box uncut and almost forgotten.

Recently I got this from Butterick 5696. It is so pretty. How I would love to make it...
Those pleats scare me and if I ever do make it I honestly will probably gather the edges instead.


  1. haha i have many uncut patterns, too! i love the back of the gown.

  2. The only way I would consider doing that many pleats is with an attachment. The pleater attachment for my sewing machine saved my life.

  3. What kind of machine do you have Snarktastical? I've been debating on getting a gathering foot, but didn't know there was a pleat attachment for machines.

  4. I have a Brother SE-350. It's a low shank. But I also had one for my slant shank Singer that finally gave up the ghost after ten years or so. You can find them on Ebay. They also make them for high shank machines as well.

    I've considered getting a gathering foot but they aren't adjustable and it's difficult knowing if you're gathering at the right pace. If you aren't, you're just stuck. A pleating foot can do anything from soft wide gathers to deep pleats.

  5. It's called a ruffler. I can't believe I recalled the wrong name. Oppps. But yes, a ruffler foot. Very intimidating looking but easier to use that it seems.