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Friday, September 17, 2010

Black with Blue Lace 50's Skirt and Top

So I couldn't capture the lace at all but it isn't as bright as it looks in the pictures. The more I make this outfit the better the outcome. This time insteat of t-shirt length sleeves my customer want 3/4" sleeves with 50's cuffs that buttoned.

Here what the lace actually looks like I purchased it at Belraf Fabics. They have a beautiful selection of lace but be forwarned it shinks a lot. I ended up being short about a yard. So if you purchase some buy extra for the shrinking. You never know how much lace is going to shrink until you pre treat it.
Ok enough about fabrics here is the outfit:

I love the cuffs and the rose.


  1. What a stunning dress! Absolutely love the colour of the lace you chose. I'm sure your customer will be well pleased. Beautiful work!

  2. Thank you Shari. I hope she is pleased.

  3. Holy moly, that is one gorgeous dress! Fantastic!