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Saturday, September 18, 2010

I should be working on a 40's dress...but I get to make PS I Love You Dress

I can't help myself. I need to get this 40's dress done and shipped by Monday but I did not have enough fabric and me, my mom and sis are going to the fabric store tomorrow so I didn't want to make two trips. I did most of the contrast pieces of it, the godets, the bow and collar. I can't do the piping until it's stitched so I have an exact measurement. Anyways I had some time on my hands so I figured I would work on another order...the PS I love you. Right now I have to say I hate plaid  not really but it is a pain to line up.

Of course I'm studying the pictures and finding all kinds of details that I missed. Like there are pockets and the pockets have a fold to them. I haven't decided if I want to do snaps or buttons. More than likely I will do the buttons as I have a perfect set for this dress. But I love the looks of the pearl snaps. I'm not sure if you know what i mean by them.  Oh and I really don't know how I missed that the dress has a collar lol. I really need to just print the picture and hang it over my sewing machine instead of going by memory.

My pictures may look orange but it really is red and black. Here is my attempts to line up the plaid on the pockets. I may have to take some of the darts out for the pockets. I will try one with the darts in place and if it looks ok I will leave them the way they are.
If anyone has some pointers to lining up plaid to the darts I would appreciate it!


  1. You can move the darts by closing them and then you transfer the fullness to either the hem or sleeve area. It is not too hard to re-draft the pattern and if you search -moving bust darts there are some good instructions on the web.

  2. Thank you Lulu I will give it a try.