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Monday, September 6, 2010

PS I Love You inspired dress

Who doesn't love that movie? For an upcoming order I will be recreating Hilary Swank's red & black plaid dress.
Well after a lot of searching I found some fabric. I figured with fall coming I wouldn't have any problem finding a red and black plaid! Here is what I'm getting for the dress.


  1. Oh!! I LOVE that movie, in fact I read first the book then I watched the film, I fall in love with that dress, the moment I saw it I googled it, I saved several images of it, I wanna reproduce it too but I'm not very goot (yet) at sewing, SO I can't wait to see your version and I hope you post all the steps to do it!

  2. I will share the creation of this dress for sure. I didn't know it was based on a book. I'm going to have to read it!

  3. The designer of that dress is Diane Von Furstengberg...that's what google say =)