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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Get the look without paying the price

So I'm going through pages of vintage patterns and I came across this 1960's pattern that is really cute but $30.00!
Mod Vintage 1960s Vogue Americana Pattern for a Dress designed by Chuck Howard, Pattern # 1873
Well instead of paying $30.00 I think I will wait for a 99 cent sale at Joanne's and just get this McCall's pattern 6028. Would just have to flare out the skirt a little.


  1. Great, thanks for posting, I have Mc 6028 and a pic of the vintage vogue pattern. I am going to look at the current patterns in my collection more closely.

  2. Yes , better to wait, I mean they look so similar, just need some little changes, tha's all.