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Monday, December 6, 2010

Just a bad sewing day

I should of been done with this dress today but I under estimated the fabric. I have the bodice completely done even the hand sewing. I love the collar and cuffs and love the black faille I used. I haven't pressed yet almost looks like Dracula right now but it will be all good in the end. I had to call my customer with the bad news and told her I could either make it all over again with satin that I had in stock or wait at least four days to get my fabric in. It seemed like everything I touched today went bad....
I've also been working on a wedding dress. I have the lining all done except the hem! All the boning and underlining is complete. To me that is almost the worst or at least the most time consuming part. It probably would go a little faster if I didn't do an under lining, less cutting, less sewing, but I notice a real difference especially in strapless gowns. The final result is worth the extra work. This is what she will see when she looks in the dress.

Since I have until April though I plan on shipping it this month I'm going all out. I want it to be perfect. She send me the most beautiful overlay. I'm scared to death to cut it because it is not replaceable and I'm having to modify some things to make it work since there was limited supply. It is going to work but I have no room for errors. For every visible seam I can I'm doing a french seam. For a good tutorial on how to do a french seam click here. It really is a must at least for overlays. I have a serger and that makes a nice finish but nothing compared to the french seam.

I feel I'm falling behind on my orders! Tomorrow's another day and I hope I make more progress than I did today.

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