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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thank goodness she loved her wedding dress

The wait seemed like forever. That is why I prefer priority but it is outrageous to ship priority when it is over 3 pounds plus with a gown I have to go on a quest for a big box. USPS boxes just won't work for the fuller gowns. The dress with the petticoat weighed 4 pounds. They don't seem so heavy when you're wearing them. I think this gown is so pretty. Really breathtaking even on a dress form. I hope to see some pictures after the big day.

We were debating on the rouching effect of the dress. At first I thought it would look good with it just around the bust line kind of like the Keira Knightley dress but when I tried it it looked horrible. It made the dress so blah. I think with the blue dress it was ok because it was solid no overlay. We also wanted options so I made a pleated detachable cummerbund. I tried the rouching and it was ugly. It was overkill on the rouching.

I think it looks great with or without it. The green matched perfect. It was hilarious when I msged my customer telling her I found a perfect green to match she thought I meant the green was for the actual dress. I understand this since her inspiration photo was a green dress. Could you imagine wanted a ivory dress and getting a green one?


  1. It is absolutely exquisite. Just beautiful, the ruching is the perfect touch.

  2. How lovely! I hope you get some picture of your client wearing it on her wedding day that you can share with us!