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Monday, December 20, 2010

New stiffer netting

Believe it or not Joanne's has some great netting. It is stiffer than your usual netting. Perfect for petticoats of course. Only downfall is that it so far only comes in ivory or white. I usually buy my netting at fabric.com they have the best selection of colors and it is stiffer than Joanne's of course aside from this stuff. fabric.com doesn't have ivory for some reason either. I make quite a few ivory petticoats and I'm pretty happy with this stuff though it a little harder to work with. There is no props holding this petticoat up. It is standing on it's own!
I have completed another wedding gown, from my sketch! I'm so very proud of it and can't wait to share it with you all. I ran into quite a few issues with it but in the end the dress is remarkable. I hope the bride to be loves it. Hurry and get to her Mr. Postman! The above unfinished petticoat was for her gown.


  1. Eleen: We are about to add a dozen new netting and tulle colors including Ivory. Stay tuned!

  2. Thanks Kristl can't wait. You guys are my main source of fabrics and I much prefer to buy from you!