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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wedding Dress and two other dresses

So I'm still trying to catch up. I'm almost done with the wedding dress. I braved it up and cut the overlay. I think the only thing I could use what was left is for a Barbie outfit.
I know she follows this blog so pictures of the dress will have to wait.

Here is the 50's dress with the stand up collar that I under estimated the fabric for. I also added a sash per customers request to dress it up a bit. She is going to a Mad Men's Inspired party. I got my fabric quick and shipped it today. Also here is my strapless version of the green dress (black per request) with bolero completed.  

I made these little earrings to go with the strapless dress. She is wearing it to a New Year's Eve party.

Next weeks projects will be EtsyKetsy123 green dress and another wedding gown. Then I think it is the YOU dress and skirt. I may have my sister come over and at least help me cut to speed things up!


  1. I like how the stand-up collar dress turned out. It's very structured and cool. I hope she likes it.

  2. Thanks Rachael. I'd like to make the dress from myself.