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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Battle of the grey or is it gray?

I have to say I am in love with Kaufman Kona Cottons! Easy to work with. Excellent quality and it even has a slight stretch to it. I had to special order it and had to buy by the bolt. I'm sure I will have some of this fabric left.
I have seven of these dresses to make. I've done one. Should of been done yesterday but I had my usually goofs. Four of these are going to be this grey. The other three are going to be the coal same color as my piping detail. For the coal dresses I will use the lighter grey for the piping. I think it gives them dimension. The next dress will be the lighter grey but I'm going to add some halter straps to it. We'll see how that turns out. Three of the others will have the spaghetti straps (one removable).

I love this dress! Which is good because I think I have a total of 17 of these dress that I have to make in the coming months. Well 12 this month 5 in the near future. Wait until you see the fabric for those. LOVE IT!!!

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