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Monday, May 30, 2011

Too much gather equals broken needles

There is a huge difference when using a vintage pattern to a modern pattern. The gathering on these skirts are so tight. Lighter fabrics are fine but when you are dealing with heavier fabrics watch out. I broke 3 needles on my serger to finish the edge. It wasn't pretty and I added a zig zag for extra reinforcement. The lining went just fine. I have this fear that if a dress has to be alter that the seamstress is going to point out every flaw. Kind of like computer technicians tend to do. I know crazy thoughts. Here is a small section of the mass gather. This dress is going to weigh 3-4 lbs I'm sure!
 I still need to hem. Not looking forward to it well the chiffon part of it. I want the larger hem that the original vintage dress had so I cut the overlay a lot bigger. All I have to do is hem the dress and it is completed! I totally love it and thank you Jen for allowing me to make such a remarkable gown. It has been a true joy and hope it meets your expectations because it will be shipping this week! I still have that petticoat to make.


  1. I got it in the mail yesterday, and it is beautiful! I cannot thank you enough for making my dress for me... it is just perfect. :) I'll definitely be sending pictures after the wedding.

    THANK YOU!! <3

  2. So good to hear! I can't wait to see you in it! Thank you so much!