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Monday, May 2, 2011

To alter or to start over

So I received the blue dress today and she wants a lot taken in. These pictures are the dress with the measurements provided dialed in. Fits like a glove. From what she pinned it could be three or more inches too big. I've asked her to remeasure herself. She said she was professionally measured, but I'm a little worried that maybe whoever measured her added some ease. I don't know, I do know it fits perfectly on the form.
 I took it apart but thought before taking it totally apart I should put it back on the form. Now my question is would it be easier for me to make an entirely new dress or to take this one in. Here is a picture of the inside. Boned and serged.
Again being nice. I made this dress per the measurements, but really what can I do? She is one of six and if I don't fix this the bride will have to find 6 new dresses. This isn't a money issue because the other girls are fine with their dresses. So even if I said sorry nothing I can do the dress was made  perfectly to size, I am not required to refund the five. It is way over my time line for refunds.

If her measurements are quite a bit smaller, you know what I will be doing...making another dress and you know that I won't be getting any extra payment for it, but I won't be ruining a wedding and hopefully everyone will be happy! If her measurements are still about the same then I will just use the existing dress and take it in at the sides and a little in the back. Hard telling with safety pins :)

Happy Sewing!


  1. Could you ask for a phone call or email with the person doing the measuring to see if she measured "generously" and perhaps show pic to the bridesmaid and her measurer to show the visible discrepency?

    I do hope you don't have to start over...I'm sending all kinds of positive fixit vibes your way.

  2. I just got a response. The measurements were taken loosely. She took her measurements herself and they went down by two inches. Yeah two inches makes a huge difference with a strapless dress.

    I always send a picture on how to measure. Thanks for the positive vibes I'm going to have to do some thinking on this one. See if I have enough fabric left to make another and if not ask her to at least cover the costs of the fabrics.

    I don't know. I know I don't need an extra dress to make this month.